Soul Padel Summer Festival with Decathlon

Sponsor Name: Mark Hewlett

Location: Scotland

Sector: Sports

Budget: 10k - 50k

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We are installing 2 tournament grade padel courts at Decathlon’s stores in Stockport and Glasgow. From June 3rd until August 31st, the courts will host tournaments, coaching and development programmes and be accessible to the general public. Soul Padel is bringing the world’s fastest growing sport to the masses by engaging communities and partnering with Decathlon for summer 2024.

Target Audience

All ages brackets who are actively engaged in sport as both locations are adjacent to Decathlon stores

Key Dates and Timings

Our events open on June 3rd and run continuously until August 31st. Sponsorship opportunities are required throughout this period.

Specific Opportunity Details

Decathlon is the world's largest retailer of sporting goods and has a mission to make sport accessible to all. In partnership with Soul Padel, over 500,000 Decathlon customers will now get to play padel throughout June, July and August at two locations. This is supported by Decathlon's padel brand Kuikma and its 33,000 instagram followers. Kuikma sponsors the world's best padel players who will be making guest appearances over the summer, challenging Great British hopefuls Victoria Nicholas (GB No.2) and Theo Garton (GB No.8). This is a massive opportunity to showcase your brand, engage in a very active fitness, wellness and sports audience and participate in the phenomenal growth of padel in the UK.

Imagine a summer scene: sunshine, laughter, and the rhythmic thwack of padel rackets. Decathlon stores in Stockport and Glasgow transform into vibrant hubs, buzzing with activity. Celebrity pro-am games draw excited crowds, while Victoria Nicholas and Theo Garten, alongside local Padel champions, showcase their skills in thrilling exhibitions. Local schools and sports teams get their taste of the sport through coordinated events, igniting a passion for padel in the next generation. The atmosphere is electric, fueled by friendly competition and the chance to "meet, play, connect"

Soul Padel's core values brought to life. This isn't just an event – it's a community celebration waiting to happen. Don
't miss out on the chance to be a part of it and connect with a passionate audience! Beyond the excitement, picture a network of like-minded sponsors and industry influencers ripe for collaboration. Together, you can maximise exposure and amplify the impact of this unique summer experience.

Features and Benefits

Partner with Decathlon and Soul Padel to activate a unique summer experience centred around the booming sport of Padel. Two pop-up events in Glasgow and Stockport will introduce players to the sport.

Why Padel?
- Fastest Growing Sport
- Padel is experiencing explosive global growth, attracting millions of new players.
- Engaged Audience
- Padel players are passionate, active, and receptive to brands that support their sport.
- Perfect Summer Activity
- Padel's social and fun nature is ideal for attracting a summer crowd.
- Become our Presenting Partner and align with these exciting events for 3 months over the summer at high footfall locations
- Become one of our Activation Partners and align with these exciting events for 3 months over the summer at high footfall locations
- Exclusive Branding Rights.
- Staff uniform branding
- On-site activations
- Product demo’s & give aways
- Sampling Opportunities
- Premium On-Site presence at both sites
- Product Demos Media release & announcements
- Social Media mentions
- Social media mentions Bespoke Packages

Other Partners

Padel 1969


Between £10,000 and £50,000 dependent upon the package