Solihull Vixens

Sponsor Name: Jodie Alderson-Smith

Location: Midlands

Sector: Ice Hockey

Budget: Budget Varies

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Solihull Vixens are a womens ice hockey team and they are looking for sponsorship to support their increasing costs and fees.


Solihull Vixens¬†are an all women’s ice hockey team who compete in the top league of the English Ice Hockey Association. We are currently 3x league champions. We have players aged from 15-35, some of those either currently play for their national team or have done in the last 3 years. We are a team with different nationalities ranging from English, Canadian and also New Zealand. Ice hockey is a very expensive sport and any sort of sponsorship helps towards the uprising fees.


Target Audience

Families and females in sport. All ages.

Key Dates and Timings

The season runs from September to June.

Specific Opportunity Details

Specific opportunities can include match day sponsors, individual player sponsors, contributing to the ice time fees and also towards equipment. We are based out of Solihull Ice Rink and train once a week on Wednesdays, our games are played at the weekend usually on a Saturday afternoon with away games taking place on either day of the weekend.
We are followed by many people; Facebook: 1.1k, Instagram 858, Twitter 1671.

Features and Benefits

We are able to place your logo onto our social media and also on equipment.

Other Partners

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CCM Media
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Any amount of sponsorship helps as all players pay fees so it would mean the players will pay less towards fees.