Solent Soccer Futsal

Sponsor Name: John Davies

Location: South East

Sector: Football

Budget: Under 10k

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Solent Soccer Futsal are looking for sponsorship to support their non-profit community club as they aim to promote the sport.


Solent Soccer Futsal was established just after the first COVID lockdown in 2021. The idea was to create opportunities for girls aged U8-U13 to play Futsal. At the time, there were no clubs or facilities available in the South Hampshire region to facilitate the sport. Fast-forward to 2023/24 season and the girls Futsal scene has exploded, with more teams, more facilities, more leagues and more opportunities for the girls to play competitive futsal against boys or girls across the area. Solent Soccer Futsal now has U9, U11 and U13 Girls teams, alongside a number of developmental players. Circa 50 girls are now actively involved with the club.

As a non-profit community club we would like to look share the success with business that are like minded and forward thinking. We have a good online presence and active social media channels. We would like to partner with companies that can help promote the game, and likewise we would gladly help promote those that are willing to support and sponsor us too!


Target Audience

Females (U8-U16) and their parents and families. Keen sports people that are outgoing and highly sociable.

Key Dates and Timings

Across the 2023/24 season and possibly beyond.

Specific Opportunity Details

We would like a sponsor for each of our club teams (we have 3). In return, the company logo could be used across the front of shirts, on our website and as part of our social media posts.

Features and Benefits

Advertising across the South Hampshire region and possibly beyond depending on our success. Featured branding on club merchandise, website and social media.

Other Partners

We are a new club and don't have any specific branding other than plain Puma kit! We are an open book and willing to be open minded about sponsorship, although it must be compatible with our core values and be age appropriate (no gambling or alcohol!)


Circa £500 per team for kit

Other Info

The opportunity is a special one. To be associated with girls football with the success of the England Women in the Euros, and the current Women's World Cup ongoing, popularity will continue to grow.