Skye Davidson

Sponsor Name: Skye Davidson

Location: Scotland

Sector: Cycling

Budget: 10k - 50k

Social Links

Skye Davidson is looking for sponsors to help achieve her goal of competing in the 2024 Paris Olympics.


Skye Davidson is an elite national road cyclist racing for Zimbabwe, currently based in the UK and racing on a British elite development team. She has already made her mark on the African cycling stage, having raced in 9 UCI African Championships and 2 African Games, winning 2 gold, 2 silver and 2 bronze medals to date, and being a 6-time cycling Zimbabwe National Champion. She has also competed in 4 UCI World Championships, and is now continuing her journey on the British and soon European cycling stage.

She will be racing on the British National racing circuit this year (2023) with her team, as well as several other British Cycling races across the UK. She is also targeting several international races across Europe, Africa, and Asia, and one of her goals is qualifying for the 2024 Paris Olympics, which if successful, would make her the first woman in history to represent Zimbabwe at the Olympics in cycling.


Target Audience

Cycling events and TV coverage: Cycling fans, 70% male 30% female, both aged 25-50, based UK and worldwide. Social media engagement and followers: Male and female aged 18-45, based in or from Zimbabwe, South Africa and the United Kingdom.

Key Dates and Timings

Sponsorship either for the 2023 racing season (February - October), or for 12 months with opportunity for renewal if both parties are satisfied with the partnership.
Key events with main sponsorship opportunities are the World Championships (3rd - 13th August 2023) and the races in the UK and Europe (from March - October).

Specific Opportunity Details

We do custom sponsorship proposals and would love to hear from you about your specific needs and goals.

Specific Events:
- British National Series races (UK) - 5 events.
- British Tour Series (UK) - 5 events.
- Individual British Cycling Road & Criterium races (UK).
- UCI African Championships (TBC) (Ghana)
- UCI World Championships (Glasgow, UK) - estimated 1 million people travelling to Glasgow for the 2023 Cycling World Championships. Televised on BBC Sport, Eurosport, GCN.
- UCI races in Czech Republic, Germany, France, Belgium, Serbia, Thailand, China (TBC). Some televised on Eurosport, GCN.
- Zimbabwe National Championships (Zimbabwe).

Skye is active on social media and has a good online presence, with over 5k followers on Instagram and growing. Her posts are authentic and inspiring, and as such her fans are loyal and passionate. Skye is on a mission to change the narrative of opportunities available for underrepresented groups in cycling, and through sharing her journey with the world she continues to attract support from people who believe in possibility, who love rooting for the underdog, who love an inspiring story. Through this partnership we will explore the ways to expand your audience, increase brand loyalty, and enhance brand image.

Features and Benefits

As mentioned, we will customise your proposal in accordance with your needs. Some of the ways we can work together include:
- Tailored social media posts
- Links to sponsor's page on social media profile
- Photo shoots and promotional videos
- Logos on kit / custom-made kit
- Product sampling

Other Partners

Sponsored by Absolute Motion Coaching Academy.
Racing for team Jadan-Vive le Velo.


This will be finalized in discussions based on meeting your needs. Between 10,000 - 50,000 GBP, cash investment and/or contra welcome.

Other Info

The rider's UK team has its own sponsors and as such in British Cycling events she will be racing in her sponsored team kit. Additionally at international events she will compete in the Zimbabwe National kit. Aside from these, she is free to wear branded casual clothing at events and in photos, and we can custom-make cycling kit for training and promotional purposes with brand logos. She is also free to promote sports supplements, equipment etc that she chooses to partner with.