Silence of the Lamberts

Sponsor Name: Liam Harvey

Location: North Yorkshire

Sector: Football

Budget: Under 10k

Social Links

Silence of the Lamberts are looking for sponsorship to support the funding of their team kit.


We are a 6-a-side team looking for shirt sponsors in order to help us find our team. We are a group of 16 year olds hoping to have a laugh and post our games on social media platforms. We are mainly looking for sponsors to help aid in purchase of the kits costs.


Target Audience

Male teenagers and young adults. Also anyone interring football or sport in general

Key Dates and Timings

Thursday nights is when our matches will take place. The sponsorship can last forever whilst our team is in existence. Promotion will be featured on shirts and all social media posts. We currently have an Instagram account and are also looking at the option of a YouTube channel also which would promote the brand.

Specific Opportunity Details

A potential partner would get involved as it would showcase how your brand can be involved with local communities. We have just created the club a few days ago but think with things such as sponsorship that our sponsorship can rise.

Features and Benefits

A sponsor would be welcome for many things. They would be advertised on all social media platforms on each post, would be welcomed to join us at a game or any other event associated with the club.

Other Partners

We currently have no brands involved as we are a new team looking for brands, however there are many brands that sponsor 6-a-side teams.


Cost to cover football shirt costs. They are around £30 a shirt and there is 9 players available for each fixture so around £270 minimum. Extra add-on cost wouldn’t be turned down as we could use this to venture into a full kit, such as added shorts and socks. It would also help with other aspects of the club. All sponsor money would go into the club to improve it as much as we can.

Other Info

Just any sort of help would be really appreciated. We would associate the sponsor on all social media posts and we hope to build a big following. If Instagram link cannot be found, our username is @silenceofthelamberts23