Sigma Racing – F1 in Schools

Sponsor Name: Charlotte Carrington

Location: North West

Sector: Sports

Budget: 10k - 50k

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Sigma Racing – F1 in Schools are looking for sponsorship to support their all girl team as they prepare for the World Finals in 2024.


Sigma Racing is an all-girls F1 in Schools team who will be representing England at the Aramco World Finals in 2024. The World Finals take place on an annual basis with the locations usually set to coincide with a Formula One Grand Prix. With past World Finals previously having taken place in countries such as Singapore, Australia, Abu Dhabi, UAE, and the USA. The team works hard to utilise our own platforms within the local and school community to support and encourage young people, specifically young girls, into STEM and provide the support they need by mentoring them through the competition.

Link to our Nationals Recap Video –


Target Audience

Students aged 9-19 who have an interest in STEM. We also have been recognised by teams within Formula One.

Key Dates and Timings

The World Finals is set to be held in 2024. The exact location and date is yet to be decided upon.

Specific Opportunity Details

The F1 in Schools World Finals is live-streamed Globally, meaning any sponsors we have at the time of competing their logo will be broadcast for thousands of people to see. Professionals within STEM highly recognise the competition, more specifically in Formula One, allowing students to network with potential employers. Not only will the professionals and Judges recognise sponsors, but the competition will enable competitors to reach out to our partners, increasing outreach numbers drastically. As a team, we have been recognised by Alpine Formula One team and local employers this has enabled us to work within the community to increase engagement within STEM and get more girls interested in engineering.

Features and Benefits

We would love to showcase any financial sponsors we obtain on all social media platforms we manage alongside the team uniforms and with the potential for the company logo to be publicised on the final livery of the car. The car is the main element which is broadcast globally however, anyone who sponsors us will be on our Pit Display and Portfolios which are analysed by Judges and Professionals within the sport.

Other Partners

Alpine Formula One Team, Altair, Uniper, GSF Car Parts, Brain Tumour Research, NCME and MTT


The final goal is to raise between £20,000 and £30,000. However any contribution towards this goal is massively appreciated.