Semi- Professional Footballer – Yasmin Knock

Sponsor Name: Yasmin Knock

Location: Global

Sector: Sports, Womens Sport

Budget: Under 10k

Social Links

Semi-Professional footballer Yasmin Knock seeks sponsorship for her up coming season to allow her to compete a the current standard she’s playing at or higher.


As a Semi-Professional footballer looking for someone to embark on this incredible journey with me as I compete at a high standard of sport.


With an established social media platform, sharing sponsorship content will reach a large audience whilst relating to a positive image.

Target Audience

Anyone interested in sport/football.

Key Dates and Timings

Season started, with the sponsorship partnership lasting until July 2024

Specific Opportunity Details

Sponsor content will be shared across various social media platforms, all with audiences around 700+ people.

Features on both personal and communal accounts

Features and Benefits

Will share business advertisements across different audiences and the opportunity to watch sporting events


Cash investment, anything from £200 to £4000 annually