Motorcycle Racing – Ryan Tower

Sponsor Name: Ryan Towers

Location: Midlands

Sector: Motor Sport, Sports

Budget: Under 10k

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Ryan Towers is seeking sponsorship’s to ensure continuation of his Novice-Racer (motorcycle racing) 12 month challenge and early career


Ever since Ryan was a child he has dreamt of racing motorcycles in a professional capacity, although Ryan has the natural ability he was however restricted by the financial burden this was placing on his family to continue his racing career.

Ryan has now dedicated his time to a personal challenge of re-joining motorcycle racing as a novice Rider and within 12 months of training is dedicated to joining either a semi-professional or professional racing series.

Ryan’s biggest drive to doing this is to show that with drive, dedication and fantastic sponsors the racing industry is open to everybody and strongly believes a lot of very capable riders are being put off from following a career in motorsport due to the fear of financial burden.

Target Audience

A very wide age demographic however very particular to those with an interest in motorsport and/or motorcycles

Key Dates and Timings

The sponsorship package Ryan is offering is a 24 month initial contract,

The first year is going to have a huge YouTube presence as this is going to follow Ryan’s training journey from novice to racing ready,

The following year the same sponsors will follow Ryan into his racing which of course will have more coverage on social media however Ryan is committed to building not only his riding career but also his YouTube Presence so this will continue during his racing

Specific Opportunity Details

As part of being a sponsor of Ryan’s they will be receiving their brand advertisement on Ryan’s protective equipment more specifically his helmet & leathers,

The sponsor will also have a permanent space on Ryan’s bike for advertisement,

The sponsor will have advertisement space on Ryan’s van which is used to transport his bike to each venue plus mentions in all of Ryan’s YouTube videos and Social Media posts

Features and Benefits

Along side all of the above advertising opportunities that come with sponsoring Ryan, the sponsors will also benefit from (upon Covid restrictions allowing) trackside tickets to watch Ryan train and race,

Prior to Ryan’s race season commencing he had a promotional evening planned to attract a wider fan base of which all current sponsors will be featured in the promotion and are welcome to include a short video advertisement within the promotional video

Other Partners

This is Ryan’s first sponsorship opportunity he has offered, so far all of his early racing and current training has been family & self funded by Ryan which goes to show his commitment to the sport.


Ryan is open to hear from all areas of sponsorship package’s and hasn’t put a set sponsorship cost in place, Ryan is hoping to hear from a wide range of sponsors from business’ that can supply tyres to business’ that want to invest.

Other Info

Not only are you sponsoring Ryan for the advertising opportunities and rewards that come along with that you are creating a network to allow dreams similar to Ryan’s to prevail,

Ryan’s biggest dream now is to allow the younger generations to be inspired by his racing and commitment that it encourages them to reach out and follow their dream.