Ryan O’Neill – Snooker

Sponsor Name: Ryan O'Neill

Location: UK National

Sector: Snooker, Sports

Budget: 10k - 50k

Social Links

Ryan O’Neill looking for sponsor to join European Tour of American 9 Ball Pool.


Ryan O’Neill has played in front of over 1,000,000 stream viewers in China, and he will be doing so again next year, and at the Derby City Classic in the USA, at which many 100’s of thousands of viewers tune in.

He’s looking for a mutually beneficial sponsorship partner to help enable him to take the next step in his sporting career.

Ryan O’Neill is currently playing on the UK tour which is made up of some of the best players in the world, whom represent Europe in the Mosconi cup and play internationally for England. Some of the best players to ever play the sport came from the UK tour.

In addition he has competed in China at 2 x Chinese 8 Ball world Championships and have managed it to finishing 33rd on my first attempt from a field of over 400 international professionals. Being an amateur player he was obviously thrilled with this result, but know he can give more and go further.

Ryan O’Neill has recently come off his best result to date in the British Championships finishing 5th, having beaten and Ex World Champion player in Daryl Peach in the Last 16, along with the defending champion and one of the best up and coming players in the UK also.

He knows he has something special, and the more tournaments he gets to play the better he is getting, however the next step for him has to be regularly playing with the European Elite in the EuroTour events. The costs of these are not astronomical and it is still a very affordable sport, however in order to get to play in the whole tour he will need some help, and will be more than happy to split winnings in any way the sponsor seems fit and fair.

He’s very well known on both the UK and international circuits by the players, and has very good contacts with THE best players in the world. He also organises events with a good friend of his who had some success last year in the Media with videos he’s produced and is still producing which have reached over 400m viewers, and this might be an avenue we could help promote your business too.

Ryan O’Neill doesn’t need a lot, but willing to give back as much as possible in order to gain the experience to take his game to another level. He’s also a clever guy and will help your business wherever he can too.

Target Audience

1,000,000 stream viewers in China, and he will be doing the same competition next year with the same viewer numbers.
400m viewers from media and videos.

Key Dates and Timings

27-29th July - British Northers Masters 10- Ball - all tour fees already paid.
2-4th August - Eurotour Eindhoven
7-9th September - British Southern Masters 9 Ball - All tour fees paid already
20-23rd September - Eurotour Leende
9-11th November - British Grand Prix

Derby City Classic, Kentucky - 22Jan - 3rd February. - World wide event
Chinese 8 Ball World Championships - Yushan, China - already have $500 international player invitational subsidy in place, further help needed.

Specific Opportunity Details

Large online reach of up to 1m viewers to date
Social Media promotion
Should a dual sponsorship be available, the option of taylor made corporate videos from a viral online videographer (also an extremely good player)
Helping someone who knows they can do it!

Features and Benefits

Meet an greet a lot of the top players in the world on occasion
Pool lessons to yourself and other family members.
Large audience will be spectating the tournaments I play in.

Other Partners

1 other person, who's name I will disclose in private - online reach of over 400m people.


Initially an investment of £3,400 would help me attend all of the events I have listed above. This would cover travel costs, hotels and Entry. Most events have $50k plus purses. Happy to negotiate a large percentage of winnings. I am not looking to

Other Info

Looking for the experience not the money in hand, so 50-60% of all tournament winnings would be fine with me. I know I have something very good, but I need the tournament time to get it out.

Looking ideally for a 1-2 year deal initially, but YOU would have the option to extend or not in to the third year based on the value to you feel I have provided. I wouldn't be looking to use your investment and then go and win some big tournaments with you seeing nothing, this is not my expectation or goal here.