Rushmoor MvF Football Club

Sponsor Name: Ryan Young

Location: South East

Sector: Football

Budget: Under 10k

Social Links

Rushmoor mvf football club is a weight loss and mental health football team. We focus on both physical health but also very big on mental health and the struggles of every day life. We aren’t just a team but a family. We would like a sponsor on our football shirts to spread the message of brands/companies that support the same thing we do!

Target Audience

Male 18-60

Key Dates and Timings

All year round

Specific Opportunity Details

We have an ever growing fan base. We have a Instagram and Facebook page with roughly around 70 followers. We would like to hope it'll grow the more league games and tournaments we play in. We've played in multiple charity events.

Features and Benefits

We would like your business logo on our football kits and training kits. We play in a league where we travel to Southampton, Portsmouth, Isle of Wight to name a few, so your company would get free advertising on our shirts for many to see.

Other Partners

It's a new kit so none as of yet! Could you be the first?


Cash investment to help us build as a team with new kits and training gear.

Other Info

In the future we would like to host our own charity event and help raise money for mental health charities.