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Sponsor Name: Ben Toal

Location: UK National

Sector: Not For Profit

Budget: Under 10k

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In November 2021 my entire world was turned upside down when I lost my best friend to suicide. I will never forget that phone call I received that Sam had been involved in a road traffic collision. Little did I know the worst was yet to come as later that evening I received a call to say he had passed away. 21st November 2021. That feeling will never leave and has left a scar for the rest of my life. My best pal, someone I’d known for over 20 years and a brother who I’d been with less than 24 hours prior. To comprehend I’d not see Sam again was, and is, something I’ll never be able to do. Since Sam’s passing, both family and friends have come together to raise money for numerous charities both locally and nationally raising a staggering £41k through things such as The Sam Johnson Memorial Cup, Tough Mudders, business raffles, bake sales etc all in Sams name to help those that need it.
Run for Sam is a campaign that was created in January 2024 in memory of Sam Johnson, who tragically died by suicide in November 2021. The goal is to raise money for three North East based charities who each have a defining link to Sam and/or Sams family following his passing. To do this, we will be running 6 UK based half marathons throughout the year starting with the Great Birmingham Run in May leading onto the Great Bristol Run and the Great Manchester Run also in May. Then onto the Great North Run in September, the Great Scottish Run and the Great South Run both in October.

Target Audience


Key Dates and Timings

o The Great Birmingham Run (5th May)
o The Great Bristol Run (19th May)
o The Great Manchester Run (26th May)
o The Great North Run (8th September)
o The Great Scottish Run (6th October)
o The Great South Run (20th October)

Specific Opportunity Details

The Mission of Run for Sam is to honor the memory of Sam Johnson and make a lasting impact on the well-being of individuals and local communities. Through a series of challenge events across the UK, we aim to raise funds for the North East Ambulance Service, Newcastle Hospitals Charity, and If U Care Share Foundation, fostering positive change in the realms of emergency healthcare, hospital support, and mental health awareness.
Our Vision is to create a legacy that transcends the challenges of mental health by channeling collective efforts towards tangible and meaningful contributions. We envision a society where compassionate support is readily available to those in need, and where the memory of Sam Johnson serves as a beacon of hope and inspiration for individuals facing a mental health illness.
Our Values can be broken down into three main points:
1. Compassion – We approach our mission with empathy and understanding, recognising the importance of compassion in addressing mental health challenges.

2. Community – We believe in the strength of unity and community support, fostering connections to create a network of care for individuals and families affected by mental health issues.

3. Resilience – we embody the spirit of resilience, facing challenges with grit and determination just as Sam always did, with the goal to make a positive impact on mental health awareness and support.

Through our mission, vision and values we aim to not only raise funds but also spark conversations, challenge stigmas, and create a lasting legacy that positively influences the mental health landscape as well as sending a message of thank you to each charity for being there for Sam and his family in the moments they needed them.

Community Engagement:
Sponsorship demonstrates your companies commitment to the well-being of our community through actively engaging in social responsibility.
Positive Brand Association:
Associating your brand with a campaign that honors the memory of Sam Johnson and supports vital charities creates positive imagery and consumers increasingly value business that contribute to social causes, leading to enhanced loyalty and trust.
Visibility & Exposure:
Your companies logo will be featured on running vests and t-shirts worn during 6 high profile running events which are also shown to a TV audience. This exposure provides valuable visibility reaching a diverse audience and potential customers.
Employee Morale & Pride:
Sponsorship offers a chance to involve employees in a shared philanthropic effort, boosting morale and fostering a sense of pride in contributing to a cause that makes a real difference.
Legacy Building:
By supporting a campaign that aims to create a lasting legacy in memory of Sam, your company becomes part of a meaningful narrative. This association can resonate with customers, foster long-term loyalty and positive sentiment.
Mental Health Advocacy:
With mental health awareness on the rise, sponsoring our campaign positions your company as an advocate for mental health initiatives. This aligns with societal shifts towards priortising well-being, reflecting positively on your corporate values.
In summary, being a sponsor is an opportunity to not only contribute to vital causes but also enhance your companies reputation, build community connections, and align with values that resonate with a broad audience.

Features and Benefits

Bronze - £250 + £100 min. donation to RFS JustGiving page
★ Acknowledgment on social media platforms
Silver - £500 + £150 min. donation to RFS JustGiving page
★ All benefits of bronze sponsorship
★ Placement of company logo on running vests and t-shirts worn during each run
★ Mention in any local press releases

Gold - £1000 + £200 min. donation to RFS JustGiving page
★ All benefits of silver sponsorship
★ Acknowledgement on every social media platform post (apart from those relating to Sam)
★ Company logo on training jackets
★ Exclusive mention in any national and/or international press releases
★ 1 dedicated social media post highlighting your companies commitment
Platinum - £1300 + £400 min. donation to RFS JustGiving
★ All benefits of gold sponsorship
★ Logo on any additional equipment
★ Exclusivity to sponsor in 2025 (different packages may apply)
★ 1 dedicated social media post pre & post-race per half marathon highlighting your companies commitment

Each level offers increasing visibility and recognition, allowing you to align best to your philanthropic goals and marketing preferences. We are open to discussing customised packages to better meet your specific needs and preferences.

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