Royal Parthenope F.C.

Sponsor Name: Tommaso Mazzara

Location: London

Sector: Football

Budget: Under 10k

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Royal Parthenope F.C. are looking for sponsorship to support their Napoli enthusiastic football club.


Royal Parthenope F.C. – Our Unique Supporters’ Situation:

Our group was founded by Napoli enthusiasts who have made London their home. While they may be physically distant from Naples, their hearts remain firmly tied to the city and its beloved football club. This sense of connection and longing for their hometown creates a unique opportunity for brands looking to connect with a dedicated and emotionally invested audience.

Our target audience consists of the following key segments:

Napoli Fans in London: This group includes first-generation immigrants, expatriates, and individuals who have a deep affinity for Napoli, its culture, and, of course, its football club. They form the core of our community and are incredibly passionate about everything related to Napoli.

Local and Global Football Enthusiasts: While our primary focus is Napoli, our events, social media presence, and activities also attract football enthusiasts from different backgrounds and clubs. They appreciate the passion and dedication we bring to football discussions and events.

Community-Minded Individuals: Our community is not just about football; it’s about building connections and supporting one another. We have members who are actively involved in local community initiatives, adding an element of social responsibility to our audience.


Key Dates and Timings

The Season 23/24 Barnet Sunday League is scheduled to run until May 2024, concluding with the final matches and celebrations.


Specific Opportunity Details

1. Sponsorship Overview:

We are currently seeking a main sponsor for our training t-shirts, inspired by the best-selling training apparel of Napoli SSC. These tees are incredibly popular among our members and are used not only during training sessions but also as casual wear. The main sponsor's logo will prominently feature on these shirts, providing excellent visibility and reach.

2. Opportunity Location:

The sponsorship will cover various aspects of our community, including but not limited to:

Training Tees: The primary focus of this sponsorship, these tees will prominently display the sponsor's logo and branding, becoming a sought-after item among our supporters.

Social Media: We boast a substantial and highly engaged presence across various social media platforms, including Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter. Your sponsorship will be amplified through regular posts, stories, and videos, ensuring maximum exposure.

Website: Our official website, currently under development, will host an e-commerce section featuring a wide range of Napoli-themed merchandise. The training tees, prominently featuring your branding, will be among our best-selling products.

Matchday Promotion: The word "POWERED BY will be prominently displayed during all our matches and training sessions, providing on-site exposure to both our members and attendees.

3. Fan Base and Web/Social Media Numbers:

Our community is comprised of passionate Napoli supporters, including first-generation immigrants, expatriates, and dedicated football enthusiasts. While our physical presence is London-based, our digital footprint extends worldwide.

4. Why Partner with Us:

Engagement: Our community is highly engaged both online and offline, creating a captive audience for your brand.

Authenticity: As genuine Napoli supporters, we resonate with the values and passion that Napoli SSC represents, making this partnership authentic and relatable.

Expansion Potential: With our new e-commerce platform and growing social media presence, we offer the opportunity to expand your brand's reach beyond our community.

Visibility: Your logo on our training tees, social media posts, and matchday banners will ensure that your brand gains maximum exposure within our network.

5. Benefits of Sponsorship:

By becoming the main sponsor for our training t-shirts and partnering with [Your Organization's Name], you will enjoy:

Brand Exposure: Your logo featured prominently on our tees, website, and social media channels.

Customer Engagement: Access to an engaged and passionate audience of Napoli supporters.

Community Involvement: The chance to support a vibrant community of football enthusiasts and cultural ambassadors.

E-commerce Expansion: Exposure through our growing e-commerce platform.

Features and Benefits

1. Branding Opportunities:

Jersey Sponsorship: Your brand's logo prominently displayed on our official team jerseys, providing continuous visibility during matches, training sessions, and team events.
Pitchside Banners: Branded banners placed strategically around the playing field, ensuring that your logo is visible to spectators and passersby.
Digital Branding: Your logo and name featured prominently on our official website, social media profiles, and promotional materials.

2. Advertising Exposure:

Digital Promotion: Regular posts, stories, and videos on our social media platforms, showcasing your logo and highlighting your support.
Website Promotion: Your brand's logo and a brief description featured on our website's sponsor page.
Email Campaigns: Inclusion of your brand in our newsletters and email campaigns to our subscribers and supporters.

3. Hospitality and Event Access:

Official Parties: Exclusive invitations to our official events and celebrations throughout the season, fostering connections within our football community.
Matchday Access: Access to hospitality areas during home matches, providing networking opportunities with attendees and stakeholders.

4. Promotional Opportunities:

Product Sampling: Opportunity to distribute promotional materials, samples, or exclusive offers to our fans and attendees during matches and events.
Half-time Promotions: Sponsor-branded half-time activities or promotions to engage fans and enhance their matchday experience.

5. Brand Recognition:

Recognition at Events: Acknowledgment and appreciation during speeches and presentations at official gatherings.
Press Releases: Inclusion in our press releases and media communications regarding our partnership.

6. Community Engagement:

Connection with a Passionate Community: Alignment with a diverse and passionate football community, enhancing your brand's reputation and loyalty among supporters.
Our sponsorship package is designed to offer a comprehensive and mutually beneficial partnership. It aims to provide maximum visibility for your brand while actively engaging our community of supporters. We look forward to discussing this opportunity in more detail and tailoring it to meet your specific objectives.

Other Partners

Currently, we have several reputable brands on board as sponsors and partners, enhancing the diversity and strength of our sponsorship network. Some of our esteemed partners include:

Jun Ming Restaurant: A renowned dining establishment known for its delicious cuisine and commitment to quality.

Hays Mews Capital: A respected financial services provider, offering expertise in investment and wealth management.

Instabook Properties: A trusted real estate agency specializing in property sales and management.

Mister Lasagna: A popular Italian restaurant recognized for its delectable pasta dishes.

EFES (Whitechapel Turkish Restaurant): A well-loved restaurant serving authentic Turkish cuisine.

TLT Record Label: A dynamic and innovative record label fostering emerging talent in the music industry.

The Wardrobe Market: An online shopping destination offering a diverse range of fashion and lifestyle products.

And the last one is DEJONPIERE which will provide the full set of TRAINING KIT TRACKSUITE for every football player


This is an investment in our Football team which can be discussed starting from a base of £800

Other Info

In addition to the exciting sponsorship opportunities we offer, we want to emphasize our commitment to flexibility and collaboration. As an organization deeply rooted in the world of football, we have established relationships with renowned Italian brand LEGEA and other reputable factories. This enables us to produce a wide range of high-quality products, from apparel to merchandise, with competitive pricing.

What sets us apart is our dedication to creating custom pieces that perfectly align with our sponsor's brand identity. We are open to working closely with our sponsors to design and manufacture specific items within our collection that represent their brand and our team seamlessly. Whether it's custom-designed merchandise, co-branded apparel, or unique promotional products, we are committed to delivering tailored solutions that meet our sponsor's vision and marketing objectives.

This collaborative approach ensures that our sponsors not only receive exceptional exposure through our team but also have the opportunity to co-create merchandise that resonates with their target audience, amplifying the impact of our partnership.