Rory Starke – Downfield Golf Club

Sponsor Name: Rory Starke

Location: Scotland

Sector: Golf

Budget: Under 10k

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Rory Starke from Downfield Golf Club is looking for sponsorship to help fund the entry to golfing events.


Rory Starke – Downfield Golf Club: Rory Starke is an assistant pro at the Downfield Golf Club. Rory has a deal with Taylormade for clubs, but in order to enter the Tartan Tour events next season, it’s £200 a time. Sponsorship would be needed to help fund for these events.


Target Audience


Key Dates and Timings

2023 golf season

Specific Opportunity Details

To get better and progress from Tartan Tour, an individual sponsor which could/would be a logo on shirt or bag.

Features and Benefits

It would purely be showing the brand on shirt and or bag and various photo opportunities, plus social media and word of mouth that Rory is being sponsored by your company.

Other Partners

Taylormade - provide the clubs , bag and golf balls
Underarmour - providing a few shirts and trousers.


£3000 and it would be not investment but combination of the other three.

Other Info

This would give Rory the amazing opportunity to at least get a foot on the ladder of pro tour golf.