Reed’s School FC

Sponsor Name: Gabriel Welsh

Location: South East

Sector: Football

Budget: Under 10k

Social Links

We are trying to make a school football/soccer team for our school that doesn’t actually play football as an official sport. We are trying to raise money to make our kits, affiliate with Surrey Schools FA and buy training equipment. As the entire initiative is student led, fundraising is hard so every fund counts. We will, if we get funds, be able to show your brand at the Surrey schools football league and if we get there, English national competitions.

Target Audience

Male/females students 12-18, into sports particularly football. 18+ teachers. All age Football players.

Key Dates and Timings

As long as the sponsors are willing to sponsor us, as every little counts.

Specific Opportunity Details

We will, first of all, have a big fan base from our school’s pupils and families. If we get permission from our school, we can open a social media which will hopefully grow quickly enough. We are currently designing kits, and we would fit sponsors on our kit depending on their contributions. These kits would appear in our merch store and on our talented players during matches and training.

Features and Benefits

As a sponsor, you would be featured on our team shirt. Larger contributions would make it to the front in large writing, whilst smaller would make it to the sleeves. As soon as we have permission from school, we will start building a social media page publicly.

Other Partners

We currently are not sponsored apart from individuals who are donating.


We are looking for any bit of funding we can get. Equipment we would appreciate includes kits, training gear, and more sports related things. To start up and affiliate to become a game playing team, we would need a small £75 investment. The next stage would be raising an additional £250 pounds, which includes kits and training gear (if it isn’t provided by sponsors). The next stage would be to get £120 for our tactical planning book, weighted training football, plus more to enhance our team.