Reece March

Sponsor Name: Reece March

Location: UK National

Sector: Motor Sport

Budget: Budget Varies

Social Links

Reece March is looking for sponsorship to support him as he takes part in races all across the UK.


Hi, my names Reece March and I’m a racing driver based in Devon and currently seeking for sponsors, I race all around the UK at big named circuits such as Silverstone, Brands Hatch, Donnington Park just to name a few, I will be able to promote your business around the country and to a large audience on all my social media accounts such as my Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube channel, LinkedIn account, I will also promote your business on the event live streams which attract thousands of views each stream, I will also be able to get your companies name and logo on my race car, Helmet and race suit. If you think this is something your business would benefit from, please feel free to get in contact with me through the ‘Find Out More’ option.


Target Audience

My events appeal to basically anyone, as everyone will always find motorsport and racing interesting no matter what age or gender, when you have a line-up of 25+ cars ready of start line revving their engines ready for a race, everyone will take those few minutes to sit and watch the start.

Key Dates and Timings

The series I'm looking to compete in have events once a month, they are usually the third weekend of the month, the sponsorship can last as long as you want it to. If you invest in me for a year/race season and by the end of the year you feel like it's benefited your business and want to continue to work with me for another year then I can work with that. However, if you want to only invest in me for 1 race weekend as a trial then that is also possible, I can try and work around what you want.

Specific Opportunity Details

This would be an incredible opportunity for businesses/companies as they would be promoted massively in the motorsport world as I make my way up through the ranks, my social media accounts get thousands of views each post, I create race vlogs that I publish on my YouTube channel which get thousands of views which would help promote your company, I work for a driving experience company called Everyman Racing, who run events for clients to try driving any supercar of their choice, such as Mclarens, Ferraris, Lamborghinis, I can get you discounts on those events so you could try out a supercar/race car for yourself, you would be investing in a athlete who is moving his way up through the ranks of motorsport, so you would continue to gain more and more attractions as I moved up higher.

Features and Benefits

Benefits your business will get by sponsoring me is free tickets to come and watch the races live and see the race car in person, you can sit in the car and have photos in it, I can get you discounts on driving experiences, so you can try racing and a supercar of your choice for yourself, you will get constant reviews and updates of how the racing is going, ideas I have to help with your business, your business/products will be getting constant advertisement and interactions on all my social media accounts and also around the motorsport world and paddock.

Other Partners

I work with Everyman Racing as an instructor, I race with BPC Motorsport who own a car tuning company called BPC Tuning.


I'm looking for cash investment, and it varies on how long you want to sponsor me for. If it's only for 1 race weekend then it will be a lot cheaper than sponsoring me for a whole race season, but you won't get as much promotion and advertisement as well as you business name and logo wouldn't be placed on the car for one race