Redhead Motorsport

Sponsor Name: Adam McClure

Location: UK National

Sector: Motor Sport

Budget: 10k - 50k

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Redhead Motorsport are seeking sponsorship as they aim to promote motorbike racing through their new platform.


The aim of Redhead Motorsport is to improve motorbike racing on the island of Ireland through promotion and better knowledge of the sport.

The aim would be to build a worldwide audience for our newly created OTT Netflix style platform called Redhead Motorsport TV which is currently being built up with content and already has had 400 viewers.

Sponsors would be added to our website that’s to be launched at the start of July as well as videos made by us. This would include ‘The Racing Connection’ which is an video interview series conducted with riders and other personnel.

If we meet our goals and we are able to live stream events, brand names would be added to the livestream that could be seen around the world but this relies on the finances (looking at roughly 50k overall).

We’d be open to any other ideas to better show off your brand!


Target Audience

We aim to appeal to Motorsport fans

Key Dates and Timings

The sponsorship would be required asap with it being able to continue yearly.

Specific Opportunity Details

Redhead Motorsport is a project started in March 2023 to better the promotion and general knowledge of motorbike racing on the island of Ireland.

We aim to set up live stream facilities to allow us to charge individuals to watch racing on a live stream to bring in another income to the sport

On Facebook we currently have around 600 followers and our potential fan base is very large as across the world there are motorbike racing fans who more than likely don't know very much about racing on the island of Ireland.

Any potential partners should get involved as they would be helping bring a sport forward and get their name published around the world to an audience.

So far we've had fans from the US, Canada and Brazil reach out asking for live streams so we know the potential is there.

Features and Benefits

A large reach of advertising would be available as well as many promotional opportunities.

Free tickets could be arranged on an individual basis.

Business branding would be added to our Facebook and other social media platforms as well as our website.

Other Partners



We would be looking for absolutely anything anyone could give but our overall target would be 50k or alternatively money off products etc