Rebecca Coggle

Sponsor Name: Rebecca Coggle

Location: South East

Sector: Weightlifting

Budget: Under 10k

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Allow me to introduce myself. I am Rebecca Coggle, a proud member of the GB powerlifting team. I started powerlifting in late 2018, and have been representing England and Great Britain on an international platform since late 2019. So far I have self-funded my powerlifting journey and am proud of where my dedication to training has taken me.

Unfortunately there have been some changes within the International Powerlifting Federation that have lead to costs increasing at international events. I am reaching out to seek your help as I get ready for the upcoming World Bench Press Championships in Austin Texas and I am interested in exploring a potential sponsorship opportunity with you. Some of my most recent accomplishment include:

84+kg M1 Squat World, European and Commonwealth Record Holder
84+kg Open and M1 Commonwealth Bench Press (All Comp) Record Holder
84+kg M1 British Records in Squat, Bench Press, Total and Bench Press (All Comp)
2 x 84+kg M1 European Champion 2023 and 2024
84+kg M1 World Masters Championships 2023 – 2nd Place
84+kg M1 World Bench Press Champion 2023 and 2nd best overall M1 lifter
84+kg M1 European Bench Press Champion 2023 and best overall M1 lifter
2 x 84+kg Open Commonwealth Bench Press Champion 2019 and 2022

I take great pride in my accomplishments and aspire to continue advancing alongside my GB teammates. Your sponsorship would help cover travel and accommodation expenses for the championship, as well as any equipment, supplements and training costs, enabling me to focus on delivering exceptional performances.

I currently compete internationally four times a year, and nationally twice a year, this year I have already competed at the European Masters Championships in Malaga, Spain and have recently received an invite to compete at the World Bench Press Championships in Austin, Texas. Due to the changes mentioned earlier this trip is likely to cost somewhere in the region of £3,000 and I also have potential for invites later in the year for European Bench Press Championships in Istanbul, Turkey (estimated cost £1,500) and World Masters Championships in Sun City, South Africa (estimated cost £4,000). While I understand global financial challenges, any financial aid or contributions that would ease my costs or could be raffled to raise funds would be greatly appreciated.

In return for your generous sponsorship, I will have a flag (or something similarly portable) designed with all supporting companies, to be photographed at each event, alongside personalised social media posts to showcase our partnership and express gratitude.

Thank you for considering my request. I appreciate your time and support, and I look forward to discussing this opportunity further.