Queen Mary Model United Nations

Sponsor Name: Mohammed Sheikh

Location: London

Sector: Not For Profit

Budget: Budget Varies

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Queen Mary Model United Nations are looking for sponsorship to support them as they host events for young adults to come together.


Queen Mary Model United Nations – Our student-led society holds numerous events that supplement our regular society activities. The biggest of our events is a two-day conference held at the end of January with an expected over 200 attendees from all over the UK and abroad.

We provide a platform for a simulation of the United Nations, where young adults come together to propose solutions to real-world problems. These public speaking opportunities and creative problem-solving experiences give individuals the confidence and networks needed to be successful future leaders in whatever field they wish to pursue.


Target Audience

Students 18 -25, with strong academic backgrounds and ambitious for future leadership opportunities.

Features and Benefits

We can help spread your message to young leaders, advertise and provide promotional opportunities at our intercollegiate events. We can even add your logos to our uniforms and merchandise which has a much larger reach.


We are looking for either a cash investment, or possible alternatives that will better the quality of our events for our attendees.

Other Info

If a significant cash investment is put in, a part of this will provide inclusive opportunities to lesser-represented minority groups through subsidised events.