PSJ Football Club

Sponsor Name: Oliver Weiner

Location: South West

Sector: Football

Budget: Under 10k

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PSJ Football Club are seeking sponsorship to support their team financially as they aim to make their club more accessible.


PSJ Football Club was founded by a student who arrived at university in Bristol, not knowing anyone and in an unfamiliar city. He realised that through setting up a football club, he could find other students feeling the same way as he did, get them involved in the club, and create a network of students who were there for each other in the unsettling times of university.

PSJ FC now consists of over 30 students and feels like a family away from home. However, the biggest problem that we face is the price of playing football. Our goal was always to make the club as accessible as possible, however with the extortionate price of league fees, there is a financial barrier stopping us from achieving this goal. Going into next year, we are looking to change this, and we therefore are looking for a club sponsor. We are looking for £250-£500 for your company to become our sponsor. In return, we would have your company’s logo printed as our main kit sponsor: a nice bit of advertising for you!


Target Audience

We appeal to all students with an interest in football.

Key Dates and Timings

We are looking for the sponsorship to start as soon as possible so that we can get our new kits printed in time for the start of the season in October. We will have the kits for at least the next 2 years, so your sponsorship will be represented for a substantial period of time.

Specific Opportunity Details

We are looking for a kit sponsor for our new 11-a-side team. The team plays in the University of Bristol 11-a-side Intramural men's league. We will play every Wednesday during the University year on the Bristol Downs, against other students. Our squad consists of 25 players, thus your logo will be printed on 25 different kits, for every opponent that we face to see. We also have a growing Instagram page on which your company will be advertised.

Features and Benefits

Logo printed on our kit and advertising on our social media.

Other Partners

We currently have no sponsors as we are a fairly new club and are looking for our first real period of growth this year.


We are looking for anywhere between £250-£500