Project Ama Dablam

Sponsor Name: Lars Atkins

Location: UK National

Sector: Charities

Budget: 10k - 50k

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Lars Atkins is seeking sponsorship for Project Ama Dablam as he climbs for Macmillan Cancer Support and the Wings for Life foundation.


Project Ama Dablam – This May, I will be climbing Ama Dablam, an incredibly famous and technically difficult Himalayan mountain, to raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support and the Wings for Life foundation. Standing at 6812m tall, it is a considerable mountaineering challenge and easily the most beautiful mountain in all the Himalayan Mountain ranges. I Imagine you can see the huge potential of leveraging this beautiful peak as a charity challenge.

As a small introduction of my recent experience: last August I took on the challenge of climbing the famous Swiss Matterhorn Mountain to raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support and the Royal Navy Royal Marines Charity. Although organised on short notice (around 5 weeks), I was able to acquire a few sponsors, raise around £6000 in donations, and push through to climb the mountain in adverse weather conditions. Despite the short notice, the sponsors at the time where able to gain large amounts of exposure through BBC radio, newspapers across the UK, a podcast, and inspirational reels on social media.

This time I have months to advertise and train instead of weeks, and the level of challenge has proceeded from Alpine to Himalayan. The nature of a project such as this means Harley your brand can gain further exposure through sponsored clothing, training videos, social media shout outs, flags at the peak, and much more.

Target Audience

Anyone into adventurous and extreme supports, anyone who supports cancer or disability charities, and everyone else. There is no limit to who could find this inspiring.

Key Dates and Timings

I will fly out to the Himalayas on the 8th of May and return around the 28th of May. The climb will happen approximately on the 19th depending on weather and there will be many fund raising events before and after the trip.

Specific Opportunity Details

Many military pages are re sharing everything I post and have a combined follower count of over 100,000. This is a great opportunity to test equipment in extreme weather conditions. Anyone's product and logo would look incredible on this picturesque Himalayan mountain. This will undoubtedly lead to many news paper articles, podcasts, interviews and much more allowing any brand involved to gain large amounts of exposure and credibility.

Other Partners

Red Spider Climbing gym to help with training, Pilgrim journey which is a outdoor clothing and bag brand.


This project would benefit from cash investments to fund the trip, donations to the charity through our GoFundMe page, provided equipment or anything else to bring the overall cost down, anyone who can host fundraising events, or anything that spreads awareness of the charity challenge