Phoenix Rising International Film Festival

Sponsor Name: Ewa Habdas

Location: London

Sector: Film

Budget: Under 10k

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PRIFF, the Phoenix Rising International Film Festival is a pioneering force in the celebration of indie cinema, dedicated to providing a vital platform for emerging filmmakers and amplifying diverse voices within the film industry. As a potential sponsor, partnering with PRIFF offers a unique opportunity to align your brand with a dynamic and forward-thinking event that champions creativity, inclusivity, and innovation.
By becoming our partner, you gain access to a highly engaged audience of filmmakers, film enthusiasts, and industry professionals. Your brand will be prominently featured across all festival materials, including promotional materials, online platforms, and onsite signage, ensuring maximum visibility and exposure.
Moreover, as PRIFF continues to expand its reach and influence within the film community, your sponsorship enables you to showcase your commitment to supporting independent filmmaking and cultural enrichment. Through strategic marketing initiatives and tailored sponsorship packages, we will work closely with you to leverage your brand’s presence and enhance your visibility among our audience.
Additionally, as a partner of PRIFF, you will have the opportunity to participate in exclusive networking events, industry panels, providing invaluable opportunities for brand exposure and relationship-building within the film community.
In summary, partnering with PRIFF offers sponsors a unique opportunity to align their brand with a vibrant and impactful event that celebrates creativity, diversity, and independent storytelling. Through strategic collaboration and targeted marketing efforts, we ensure that our partners receive maximum exposure and tangible benefits that resonate with their brand values and objectives.

Target Audience

PRIFF primarily targets young, up-and-coming filmmakers globally. Currently, our submissions reflect a diverse international pool, with 30% from the USA, 32% from the UK, and 38% from the rest of the world. This demonstrates PRIFF's status as a truly international festival with boundless opportunities for collaboration and exposure. In addition to emerging filmmakers, we also cater to film enthusiasts, typically between the ages of 18 and 35, who are eager to engage with innovative cinema and connect with like-minded individuals. By welcoming this demographic, PRIFF fosters a dynamic and inclusive environment where attendees can immerse themselves in the world of independent filmmaking, forging connections and discovering new talent from around the globe.

Key Dates and Timings

The festival will take place from 9-10 November.

Specific Opportunity Details

PRIFF offers a unique opportunity for partners to align with a vibrant and growing community of independent filmmakers and enthusiasts. Our festival takes place over two days of screenings and networking at Richmix, an esteemed independent cinema in London. With a combined following of 600 followers on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, PRIFF's digital presence continues to expand. During the festival weekend, our reach extends to over 10,000 impressions, providing partners with substantial exposure. Additionally, with a total of 400 submissions and counting across three editions, PRIFF serves as a hub for emerging talent and cutting-edge cinema.
By partnering with PRIFF, sponsors gain access to a highly engaged audience of filmmakers, industry professionals, and film enthusiasts. Our festival provides a unique platform to showcase brands and engage with a diverse community passionate about independent filmmaking. From prominent logo placement on promotional materials to exclusive networking opportunities, partnering with PRIFF offers sponsors a direct route to engage with our growing audience and demonstrate their commitment to supporting independent cinema.

Features and Benefits

We offer:
Brand Visibility and Exposure:
Logo placement on all promotional materials, including posters, flyers, and banners. Recognition on the festival website with a dedicated sponsor page.
Logo placement in festival trailer, and visual programming - this will be displayed on the day and also in our social media including our youtube channel.
Targeted Marketing Opportunities:
Access to a diverse and engaged audience interested in film and the arts. Social media shout-outs and mentions.
Networking and Relationship Building:
VIP access to festival screenings, award ceremony and networking events.
Product Placement and Integration:
Opportunities for product placement within festival venues or promotional materials.


£1900 for covering venue