Sponsor Name: Miles Sita

Location: Essex

Sector: Football, Womens Sport

Budget: Under 10k

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PH1 FC – One-of-a-kind women’s football collective

We are searching for more than just a cash injection or benefits of products. Acidic Fitness, the sports & fit brand behind PH1 FC are looking for new brand partnerships where both parties will benefit well from each other.

Target Audience

16-25 with a 60:40 gender split favourably with the males. Interests include football.

Key Dates and Timings

For the duration of the 2020/21 season (including the 2021 summer pre-season).

Specific Opportunity Details

With 10,000+ combined Instagram followers, PH1 FC is the most emerging football collective in a facet of football which is growing in numbers year on year. Investment and interest in the women's game is growing rapidly. At the same time in the men's game, YouTube collectives such as SE Dons, Baiteze and Hashtag are growing in popularity inspiring the next generation of athletes. Up until recently there was no alternative for women's football until PH1 FC was re-established in January 2019. Leading into 2021 PH1 have massive aspirations to take the women's football creative team into new heights, and a potential partner will help us achieve those goals and we will be prepared to return the favour as content creators by diverting traffic through to their doors.

Features and Benefits

Principal partner benefits:
Sponsor logo on our 2020/21 playing kit which will see a major activation with the support of Adidas and visible to our combined 10k Instagram followers
Prepared to create and shoot partner branded content pieces
Sponsored giveaway of products when appropriate giving our followers an opportunity to physically interact with the brand

Secondary partner benefits:
Similar to principal benefits at the fraction of the cost
Logo to be placed on the sleeve of playing kits
Sponsored branded posts on social media

Associate Partner brand benefits:
As we strive to build healthy partnerships with a range of businesses, benefits that we can offer will be discussed on a case by case basis

Other Partners



Principal: £2000 Secondary: £700-1000 Associate Partner (This tier is not visible on kits): £350-500