Sponsor Name: Harry Bishop

Location: South West

Sector: Events

Budget: Under 10k

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PEEQUAL is looking for sponsorship to support their product as the company’s 3rd birthday approaches


PEEQUAL is the UK’s first ‘squat & go’ urinal for womxn and non-binary people and was founded in 2020 by Hazel McShane and Amber Probyn whilst studying at the University of Bristol. PEEQUAL is 3X quicker to use than a portable toilet and gets womxn out of long cross-legged queues and back to enjoying the events they paid for. As a flat-pack structure that allows 60 urinals to fit into a single artic lorry which means the company produces up to 98% less CO2 than other festival suppliers. The overlapping screens, as a substitute for a door, make entering the urinal touch-free for a more hygienic toilet experience. The open design also enables safe airflow and ventilation and reduces bad smells. The simple squat design which promises no splashback means there is no need for any additional urinal devices or contraptions. Hand sanitizer is provided along with free sanitary products.


Target Audience

We appeal to ALL women but our social media following is made up of: Instagram: Women (71%) aged 25-34 (47%) and 18-24 (26%) TikTok: Women (84%) aged 18-24 (53%) and 25-34 (34%) - they'll interested in equality, inclusion, festivals, events, LGBTQ+ pride activities

Key Dates and Timings

Our 3rd Birthday is 15th May 2023 so we will be filming a couple of weeks before this. The sponsor will feature in all photos/videos taken on that day including our posts across social media channels and in the edited video released on our birthday (15/03/2023). We are also hosting a competition and expect to see heaps of traction from our fanbase so it is a great time to get in front of a young female audience.

Specific Opportunity Details

On behalf of all women, everywhere, PEEQUAL was founded to bring the world the joy and freedom that men have experienced for centuries - urinals. We turn 3 in May and our founders, Hazel and Amber, promised themselves on day one that if they made it to year 3 then they would jump out of a plane and we're looking for a jump sponsor. The jump will take place in Salisbury, Wiltshire and we're open to your brand appearing throughout the occasion. We'll be getting a film made to post across our social media channels. We currently have just under 2,000 Instagram followers and nearly 8,000 TikTok followers (we've only been active for one year) and we went viral on TikTok three times achieving over 12M views and 1M likes on our videos throughout the summer and we anticipate the same reaction again. Our fanbase are so loyal that even though we are a B2B company, we are launching customer merchandise for womxn to celebrate our mission and vision for pee equality - we would LOVE for a sponsor to join us on that mission. If you're passionate about women's equality, rights, FemTech, supporting startups, or female founders then our brand and this activation is perfect for you to showcase that support.

Features and Benefits

Your branding on a banner that the co-founders hold before jumping and when they land. and digital logo included at the end of the video with 'sponsored by' and your digital logo on our social media posts throughout the week of our birthday. Beyond this, the sponsor is free to suggest other ideas they would like and we would be more than happy to create social media content with members of the sponsor's team e.g. TikTok videos.

Other Partners

No other brands for this activation. We are partnered with Daye (luxury tampons) and NIO (cocktail maestros) for an influencer campaign happening during the same time as this project.


£1000 cash investment to pay for the jump and filming.

Other Info

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