Overlanders OFC

Sponsor Name: Charles Beamish

Location: South East

Sector: Football

Budget: Under 10k

Social Links

Overlanders OFC are looking for various kinds of sponsorship to support them as a new football club.


Overlanders OFC are a brand new club who seek sponsors and investors for everything from main club & kit to nets, nets, training gear, footballs, match sponsors, player sponsors. Also, website or social media sponsors that we can link.

We will be a club with an identity rooted in the great outdoors across the spectrum, from hiking and camping, to wildlife skills and crafts, interest in wildlife, as well as topics like mental health, sustainable topics ( without being political ! ) as well as gardening, then into the arts as well, music and related.

Therefore, we would network within these communities online and aim for exposure with vlogs, blogs, podcasts and magazines that talk about these topics.

We also have within our group, possibilities to make good quality video production and so, will create a series of videos, covering the club, in which sponsors can be also featured.

We also intend to network with local groups in these subjects, initiatives and charities, to foster a community around these subjects and activities. Any sponsor would benefit from being in the midst of this.

We hope to have a defined identity of the club in this way and a unique character in a focussed group.

Rather than a McDonalds after the match, we might celebrate with an ale by the river, for example.

This is a summary at the moment – for further digging into this if you are interested to be part of this club, then please enquire below at ‘Find Out More’.


Target Audience

Male or female, any ages: As described above, interested in outdoors across the board, community issue minded, perhaps support local small businesses, music.

Key Dates and Timings

At this stage, we may only be a friendlies & cup competitions club for the 23/24 season, in the Reading & District or Thames Valley Leagues. However, we may be able to join for a partial season, depending on the leagues situations.

We will add websites and social media links, once set up. ***Must stress, this is an idea only a few weeks old !

Specific Opportunity Details

We are totally new club and we are with a new idea, to create a club founded out of people with like-minded interests in the outdoors and also, going into some ethical type topics (without being political!). Some other interests we have are music and video production.

Therefore, when we have social media up and running, we hope to draw on the richness of the area, in terms of a) Wildlife and outdoors activities and events and b) The creative community locally and c) Community minded initiatives that are independently run, such as mental health, conservation and related.

Therefore, our reach will be very focused and not scattered generally.

We would be based in the area west of Reading, or in West Reading itself. Therefore, this is a large populated catchment area, where local leagues get good coverage in local media but also, the excellent website 'Football in Berkshire' which comprehensively covers local leagues & clubs at all levels.

Aside from this, the area is very popular for hiking, trail biking, sailing, kayaking as well as different 'sustainable' initiatives or local small businesses.