Sponsor Name: Gavin Mair

Location: Global

Sector: Education

Budget: Budget Varies

Social Links

Numberfit is a social enterprise looking for sponsorship as they inspire many children across the world.


Numberfit is a social enterprise whose mission is a world full of healthy children loving learning. We make maths a social sport by combining it with physical activity, mindfulness, competition, story and fun!
We create free global competitions and resources for 2-14s. Including the Mathematics World Cup, Times Table Challenge and Numbertots.

We’d love to work with you and can provide the following benefits:
1. Access
– Exposure to the education sector
– Reach a global audience
– Connect with students, teachers and parents
2. Innovation
– Be part of an innovative education methodology
– Join us as we use technology and media to scale
– Inspire young people
3. Health and Wellbeing
– Be part of an ecosystem that positively impacts children
– Promote active learning for physical health and mindfulness for mental wellbeing
4. Diversity
– Support diversity in mathematics
– Inspire students from all backgrounds to consider creative careers with mathematics

Some of our achievements so far include:
– Over 150,000 students participating in our global physically active mathematics competitions
– 37% academic improvement in pupils using Numberfits resources – UCL Institute of Education
– BBC coverage of our Mathematics World Cup competition


Target Audience

Numberfit works with parents, teachers and students aged 2-14 worldwide. We appeal to anyone looking to make mathematics fun, improve children's health, or find easy teaching resources to save time.

Key Dates and Timings

We run multiple free global events throughout the year so let us know if you would like to sponsor a particular event or Numberfit generally.

Our main events include:
- The Mathematics World Cup - an audience of teachers and students aged 7-11 year olds
- The Times Table Global Challenge - an audience of teachers, parents and students aged 6-14
- The Numbertots Challenge - an audience of teachers, pre-school practitioners and parents of 2-5 year olds

Specific Opportunity Details

We will be putting on more events for the US, Canada, UK, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand that we would love you to get involved with.

With a database of 160,000 teachers, parents and education policymakers we could help you gain exposure to the education sector.

Features and Benefits

Numberfit sponsors would be able to work closely with us to achieve their goals. We can provide:
- Branding opportunities
- Your logo featured on event messaging such as emails and advertising materials
- Your logo featured on our digital resources
- Collaborations
- An event or league table just for your customers
- Customised resources for your customers
- Corporate social responsibility
- Help empower children to learn vital skills in mathematics
- Positively impact children’s physical and mental health

Other Partners

Numberfit has previously worked with the following:

Sponsorship and distribution:
- UnLtd
- Innovate UK
- London Mathematical Society
- Maths Week England

Consultancy and product development:
- UCL Institute of education
- University of Cambridge
- UAL: University of the Arts London
- EDUCATE Ventures Research
- Hammersmith and Fulham Local Authority
- Goldman Sachs 10,000 small businesses


Open to discussions with the correct partner.