Norwich 7s Festival

Sponsor Name: Matt Cole-Wilkin

Location: South East

Sector: Events, Rugby Union

Budget: 50k - 100k

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Norwich 7s Festival are looking for sponsors to support their exciting summer event.


Norwich 7s Festival – We are an exciting and thriving rugby 7s festival based in Norwich, East Anglia. We have 50+ teams attending for Rugby 7s, 10+ teams attending for Netball and 8 touch rugby teams. Over 2000 festival attendees throughout the weekend. We have a great many exciting local companies that attend and network at the event, as well as a healthy portion of the local public who come to enjoy a party and celebrate the summer version of our fantastic sport.


Target Audience

General audience are all ages, children, teens, 18-24 in terms of the typical playing groups and many more right up to 60+ in the spectators.

Key Dates and Timings

29th July 2023 and the Friday evening prior. Sponsorship ideally finalised in the coming few months but exposure lasts throughout the whole build up, the event and lots of post-event coverage.

Specific Opportunity Details

We have opportunities from the top down, from title sponsorship to have naming rights to all major parts of the event, through hospitality and branding opportunities of all kinds, both physical and digital.

We have 2500+ followers on our socials, over 10000 impressions through our event broadcasting and 2000+ people on site, 700+ sport players all immersed in all branding for the event.

Features and Benefits

All opportunities come with most, if not all of the following:

-Branding, advertising, hospitality, long-lasting and repeat promotion, access to target demographics for anything sport/young person related.

Other Partners

Lost of local companies to East Anglia, plus Porsche, Moju, Jubel, Arrowtown, CanOWater, Wow Hydrate, Canterbury of NZ, Booby Buckets, Tiki Tonga Coffee and many more.


Ranging from £60,000-£500 and some products or services.