North London Cycling Club

Sponsor Name: Jonathan Dital

Location: London

Sector: Cycling

Budget: Under 10k

Social Links

North London Cycling Club are looking for sponsorship to support funds for their new kit.


We are a local North London cycling club, comprised mainly but not only Israelis who live in NW London. We ride every Sunday and during the week, including an annual summer ride which we post on our social media and cyclondon blog. Our sponsor will benefit from their logo/name in large over our chests and back , and will be shown to many North London cyclists and pedestrians.


Target Audience

Male 20-50 North London. Cyclists

Key Dates and Timings

We cycle every July, but would ideally like a sponsor for a new kit (Plus British cycling sponsor registration fee).

Specific Opportunity Details

Our social media fans are a few hundreds who follow and another about 2,000 Facebook friends who see our cycling posts

Features and Benefits

Sponsors name on the chest or logo and/or on back and quite a few mentioning on social media.