Newcastle University Womens Football Club

Sponsor Name: Katie Green

Location: North East

Sector: Football

Budget: Under 10k

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Newcastle University Womens Football Club are seeking sponsorship to support them in the upcoming season.


Newcastle University Womens Football Club – is a dynamic organisation dedicated to the development and empowerment of female students at Newcastle University in football. With three teams and a commitment to excellence, we offer a unique platform for your brand to gain enhanced visibility, engage with the community, access a specific and engaged demographic, and benefit from networking opportunities. We provide tailored sponsorship packages to meet your marketing goals and budget, making it a mutually beneficial partnership. Join us in championing women’s football and leaving a lasting legacy of empowerment and sporting excellence.

By partnering with NUWFC, you’re not just supporting women’s football; you’re becoming part of our passionate and dedicated family. We’re committed to helping your organisation achieve its marketing and corporate social responsibility objectives while contributing to the growth of women’s football. We believe that together, we can make a significant impact in promoting gender equality in sports and providing opportunities for women to excel in football. So, whether you’re looking to enhance your brand’s visibility, engage with a passionate fan base, or demonstrate your commitment to community and equality, NUWFC is the perfect platform for your sponsorship journey. Get in touch with us today, and let’s embark on this exciting partnership together.


Target Audience

Womens Football

Key Dates and Timings

The sponsorship would ideally last the 23/24 season but we are open to extending this depending on the partner, sponsorship would be required before December,

Specific Opportunity Details

NUWFC is excited to offer two specific sponsorship opportunities:

Shirt Sponsorship: Your organization can become the exclusive shirt sponsor for our team. This prominent branding opportunity places your logo front and centre, gaining visibility during matches, training sessions, interviews, and media coverage. By adorning our team's shirts, your brand becomes an integral part of our journey, receiving exposure both on and off the field.

Web and Social Media Exposure: Leverage our extensive online presence, including our website and social media platforms, to connect with a growing and engaged audience. With an increasing fan base across these channels, your brand will have the opportunity to reach diverse demographics of passionate womens football enthusiasts. Our online engagement metrics offer an excellent platform for your brand to connect with an active and dedicated community.

By choosing NUWFC as your sponsorship partner, you're making a statement of commitment to women's football, gender equality, and community engagement. Your logo on our shirts will symbolise your support for our team's goals and aspirations, while our online presence will allow your brand to resonate with a diverse and passionate audience.

Features and Benefits

Sponsoring NUWFC presents a unique opportunity for your organisation to gain unparalleled brand exposure and engage with a passionate and diverse audience. As our exclusive shirt sponsor, your logo will take center stage, prominently featured on our jerseys during matches, interviews, and media coverage. You'll also enjoy prominent placement on our website and social media channels, reaching a growing and engaged fan base. Beyond branding, sponsorship offers advertising opportunities and community engagement initiatives. By aligning your brand with NUWFC, you not only boost visibility but also champion gender equality in sports, making a lasting impact on the future of women's football. Join us in this exciting journey and elevate your brand while empowering women in football.

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