Sponsor Name: Raymond Aziz

Location: South East


Budget: Budget Varies

Social Links

Raymond Aziz is seeking sponsorship to support the promotion of the MYSPEC app towards the right audience .


The MYSPEC app is for customised vehicles from all over the globe from surf boards, motorbikes and cars all the way up to lea jets . Once the app gains traction with the correct target audience we then will start to use the app as a business using advertising for from all vehicle manufacturers within the app. I have Instagram, Facebook, website and a YouTube channel I use them all to promote and show related content .the fan base is any body that has a customised vehicle that wants to show case it to the world the users of the app will be able to vote on the top vehicle in their category the top vehicle will then win a prize related to there vehicle. The sponsor will be able come on the incredible journey with our small team having a great time on our track days and shows we attend and organise.


Target Audience

Our platform appeals to anyone who has a love for customised vehicles world wide this age starts from 10 years old to people in there 70s +

Key Dates and Timings

We plan to start new track days in March 2024 this will give MYSPEC more content to post to make us visible to the target audience. As soon as we can start to offer the users proper prizes we hope to gain a lot more traction in turn gaining the interest in the bigger industries to want to advertise on MYSPEC. If the funding is available we hope to promote MYSPEC using payed adverts on social media platforms and hopefully get active users within 6 months.

Specific Opportunity Details

I will be able to put on related events and give away prizes as well as getting the app recognised to the right target audience.

Features and Benefits

Sponsors will get branding and access to all MYSPEC events and advertising.

Other Partners

All other spin-offs are all associated with MYSPEC.


For promotions and prizes etc MYSPEC will require the sum of £20000-£50000

Other Info

MYSPEC has the opportunity to be very big any body on board will have a great time with the team as we grow.