Mongol Rally Charity team

Sponsor Name: Ned Bouverie

Location: UK National

Sector: Charities

Budget: 10k - 50k

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Dear Potential Sponsor,

I hope you don’t mind me getting in touch. My name is Ned Bouverie, I’m a student at University and this year myself and 5 mates for charity are taking on the Mongol Rally. The Rally is said to be the most extreme car race in the world. It starts in England and finishes in Mongolia and along the way you drive through 20 countries and 10,345 miles of some of the most extreme terrain across the world. Mountains, rivers, deserts you name it! The one catch of this all is that we can’t do it in a 4×4 but instead we have to fully embrace the challenge by taking a beaten up, beautifully decorated car with nothing more than a 1 litre engine! (The link for the rally can be found here… The Mongol Rally – unshit your

The Reason we wanted to get in touch is that we are all serious about media and wondered if for a small sponsorship we could advertise, promote and generate content for your brand throughout our crazy route and across our social media platforms. For the money and sponsorship, we would take images and video on a 4k cinematography Sony a7iii camera, state of the art drone as well as a few other handheld devices such as smartphones, vintage cameras and Go Pros. As well as this, we would of course make sure to have large external stickers advertising your brand on the cars themselves and due to the fact we are short of cash and weak to ideas we would be at your disposal to perform any relevant challenges that might appeal to you as a brand along the way!

Currently, there is little high quality video content of this extreme challenge so we really hope we can expose the rally to as many motorists, athletes and extreme adventures as possible and this will encourage interest.
With your help we hope we can inspire many to take on challenges they feel are potentially outside of their comfort zones. It is really important to us that we are raising awareness for organisations that promote ideas such as mental health awareness, we know how difficult it is for so many to bite the bullet and find the courage to do something outside of their comfortability and we want to show that that is ok, but with a bit of inspiration and a couple of mates anyone can do it. This ultimately is the very reason incentivising us to take on the challenge and is a predominant factor as to why we are passionate about this challenge.

We have not yet released a video but currently have a combined 6,000 followers on Instagram mainly our age who are ready and raring for some unusual content to fill their feeds and inspire them. With your sponsorship we love to make this happen and show how much your brand has been such a help in us seeking adventure. We are in the process of creating a TikTok and Facebook account specifically for the challenge as well and hope our following will only grow when we release these soon.

I am an aspiring videographer myself hoping to apply for New York film school after finishing my first degree from Durham. I have not yet captured much on the Sony alpha 7iii yet but I have included some of my images from a recent trip to the Australian outback taken on my iPhone in this email. I hoped this might allow you to envision how some of us might see life through a lens.

The current cost we are estimating for the trip is £2,750 per person including food, accommodation, fuel and vehicle. If you were at all interested we could adapt the amount of content to however much you would be generous enough to give. We are incredibly excited by this challenge and even more so by the content, stories and images we will collect throughout the way.

We hope this is something you would be interested in getting involved in and you if you would be willing to take a risk and trust in us 5 adventure seeking students, we would be hugely excited to team up with you and take us on the journey. If you have any further questions or queries we will be keen to answer them and give you any more details that you might be interested to know. In the meantime we hope all are well and we look forward to hearing from you soon!

All the Best,

Ned Bouverie

Target Audience

15-25yr old adventurers

Key Dates and Timings

This will take place from the 13th July to the 23rd of August 2023

Features and Benefits

We would advertise your brand across our social media platforms as well as due to being short on cash but not ideas, we would be at your disposal to perform any adventure seeking idea on our pursuit that might bring attention to your brand.

Other Partners

We will be raising money for One Earth the charity


£2,000-10,000 or any products that may be relevant that we can help promote along the way!

Other Info