MMU Women’s Rugby

Sponsor Name: Rob Jones

Location: North West

Sector: Rugby Union, Womens Sport

Budget: Budget Varies

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The Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU) Women’s Rugby Union team are seeking sponsorship to help them as they build the Women’s game within the North West.


MMU Women’s Rugby Union – I am writing to explore the possibility of a mutually beneficial partnership that can create a lasting impact on Women’s Rugby at Manchester Metropolitan University.

Before I delve into the details, allow me to share a little about myself and our endeavour. I am the chair of Manchester Metropolitan University’s Women’s Rugby Union. We are looking to gain support from like-minded companies in order to build the Women’s game in the Northwest. We are lucky enough to be affiliated with Sale Sharks Women and are the sole university to officially feed into the club. We are an enthusiastic team dedicated to promoting and supporting the development of all women’s sports. We are aiming this year to get as many girls into rugby as we can. We have formed a new 2XV team this year, to allow for more women at the University to get involved. We are also supporting the University’s own program to get as many students moving as possible. Our initiative has gained significant traction and attention in recent months, and we believe that with the support of forward-thinking sponsors like yourself, we can take it to new heights.

We are looking for organisations that work within local communities. Your commitment to the health and wellbeing of the community is very important to our core values as a club, and we believe that by joining forces, we can magnify our collective impact.

By partnering with us, your generous support will help us provide essential resources and equipment, ensuring that we have the necessary tools to maximize our impact. Specifically, your sponsorship will go towards the development and procurement of high-quality kits that are vital to the implementation of our initiatives. We are looking for a one-year sponsorship for the 2023/24 season.

In return for your valuable contribution, we are committed to offering our sponsors a range of benefits that will elevate your brand and reinforce your commitment to corporate social responsibility:

Enhanced Brand Visibility: Your organization’s logo will be prominently featured on our team leisurewear, which 35+ individuals will wear around campus and Manchester City Centre. We also travel to away fixtures in the leisurewear, highlighting your company to the likes of York, Leeds, Sheffield, Liverpool, and Lancaster. As a team, we take part in the National Cup, meaning that we can also display your company nationwide. Along with promotional materials, and social media platforms, providing you with increased brand exposure to our growing audience.

Exclusive Recognition: We will publicly acknowledge your sponsorship during our events, media engagements, and volunteer engagement programs showcasing your dedication to making a meaningful difference.

We understand the importance of building strong and long-lasting partnerships, and we are committed to providing our sponsors with regular updates on our progress, effective communication, and recognition for their support. We believe in creating a win-win situation where both parties can thrive and make a real difference.

We would love the opportunity to discuss this further with you and explore how we can collaborate to create a significant impact.
Thank you for considering our partnership proposal.


Target Audience

Female 17+, sociable, into sports and fitness, we have fans across multiple demographics.

Key Dates and Timings

The latest we would require the sponsorship would be 11th October 2023 as that is the provisional start of our BUCS League. The sponsorship would be for 1 year, during the 2023/24 season, however, we would be more than happy to arrange a longer agreement.

Specific Opportunity Details

We have opportunities to sponsor a range of our leisurewear kit, from hoodies, to ties. We also currently have an affiliation with Sale Sharks Women. We have a Instagram following of 775, however, one of our goals for this year is build a larger media presence.

Features and Benefits

As a sponsor, your company logo/branding would be the only to feature on the chosen leisurewear, which would be worn around campus, training, and all games. We would also include your company logo on social media posts, along with tagging your company in any posts that involve the sponsored leisurewear. Our sponsorship opportunities are managed through our Head of Rugby, and he will be happy to provide more features and benefits to sponsoring our club.

Other Partners

We are affiliated with Sale Sharks Women. We have had Oscar on board with us previously, along with IPro and The Rugby Shop.


Depending on the leisurewear, we are looking for sponsorship ranging from £600 - £1,600.

Other Info

Our sponsorship opportunities are managed through our Head of Rugby, and he will be happy to provide more information on sponsoring our club.