Mission Everest

Sponsor Name: Mohit Tolasati

Location: South East

Sector: Winter Sports

Budget: 50k - 100k

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Mohit Tolasati is looking for sponsors to help fund Mission Everest!


My mission to Everest, provides you with an incredible opportunity to have your brand associated with a truly inspirational endeavour. I have been in the tech industry for over 12 years, building consumer software for Billions of people worldwide. Outside my day job I am a trained pilot in both planes and helicopters, a skydiver in training and am now on the quest to summit Mt Everest to inspire the next generation to dream big!

Mount Everest is the highest mountain in the world, standing at 8,848 meters (29,029 feet) above sea level. It is a challenge that has been attempted by many, but only a few have been successful. With determination, discipline and focus I aim to achieve this historic feature. The full expedition will take 60 days, starting in April 2023, and will cost a total of 70,000 GBP.


Target Audience

The goal is to inspire the next generation to dream big! And so the target audience includes youth across genders in the UK 13-40. This could scale to the USA and India as well as these are countries I've lived in.

Key Dates and Timings

1. After 6 months of intense training, I will make my way to Kathmandu from London in April 2023.
2. From Kathmandu, I will fly up to Lukla (9385 feet).
3. From Lukla I will trek my way up to Everest Basecamp (17430 feet) where the true challenge begins.
4. Over the course of six weeks I will acclimatize on the mountain, this involves travelling to high camps and back down to Basecamp again. This process is essential to get my body used to the altitude and reduced levels of oxygen on the mountain.
5. When the weather is stable enough, and I have acclimatized, I will make the summit attempt, leaving Basecamp and spending up to seven days on the mountain fighting cold, altitude and physical and mental exhaustion to achieve my goal of standing at 29,029 feet on top of the world.

Total duration of the expedition will be roughly 50-60 Days.

Features and Benefits

--1.7000 GBP Sponsorship Package--
I want to ensure that you secure maximum return for your investment and for £7,000 GBP you will receive
1. Exclusive video content and imagery from my climb that can be used in your own publications and reports; website and other marketing materials.
2. A website presence where your company logo and link will be placed on my website to showcase your key role in supporting the expedition for a period of 12 months from when I return to the UK.
3. A talk from me at your office for staff, clients or stakeholders that provides an exciting overview of my experience on Everest.

--2. Bespoke Sponsorship Package--
In addition to the £7,000 Sponsorship Package, we are keen to discuss bespoke sponsorship opportunities with you. This package would be tailored to your specific requirements and could include:
1. Brand Ambassador: I would act as a ‘Brand Ambassador’ for a period of twelve months and attend an agreed number of public engagement events on behalf of your company and be mentioned in all press releases and associated publications relating to the 2023 expedition.
2. A Day of Inspiration Workshop: I will visit your company and run presentations and workshops directly with your staff. They will be focused on the lessons I’ve learnt while climbing Mount Everest and how your staff can benefit from my insight. The day will address themes such as - Teamwork, Leadership and Ambition.
3. Experience Sharing: I will present to your clients and stakeholders an incredible account of my Everest expedition sponsored by your company.


I'm looking for a total of 70,000GBP in cash + any additional product support that may be useful for the expedition.