Mill Hill Rugby Club

Sponsor Name: Charlie Bohan-Hurst

Location: London

Sector: Rugby Union

Budget: Under 10k

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Mill Hill Rugby Club has been running for over 80 years and they are now looking for sponsorship to support the heart of the community.


My name is Charlie Bohan-Hurst, and I am a player for Mill Hill Rugby Club. I am also responsible for managing our external marketing and would love to discuss a sponsorship opportunity for your business. As a club we understand how troublesome the past few years have been due to the Covid pandemic and have reflected this in the pricing of the sponsorship packages.

The club has been running for over 80 years and is at the heart of the community in Mill Hill. The atmosphere around the club is brilliant; we have a core group of players who have grown and developed together over a number of years; turned up as 17-year-old boys and now have families (who are very welcome down the club, we often have several little fans running up and down the touchline every Saturday). Our club captain Jack and 1st XV captain Conor both fall into that bracket of players who joined as teenagers and their love for the club shines through every week. Alongside those players who have been at the club since their teenage years we are now seeing an influx of new faces from all walks of life and it is safe to say that they are all well and truly bitten by the Mill Hill bug.

The footfall around our club is high, especially on Saracens Rugby match days and we are confident sponsorship of the club would help drive traffic to your business.

We can provide you with further information and a full breakdown of the likely costs of any deal and would welcome the opportunity to speak about the opportunity in more detail.


Target Audience

A wide range of attendees to the club on Saracens match days.

Key Dates and Timings

The sponsorship is for the 2023/24 rugby season so would run from September 2023-May 2024

Specific Opportunity Details

We have thousands of followers across our social media channels and a huge number of in-person attendees throughout the season on Saracens match days. Having your company visible on our kit and around the club would help drive traffic to your business.

Features and Benefits

The package includes branding on our new kit as well as all over our social media channels and sign in the clubhouse. We can also distribute leaflets to attendees.

Other Partners

A range of local businesses as well as Tanjun media and Learnd.


the packages raise from £400-£1200 and would be a one off payment for the whole season.