Merseyside Football Club

Sponsor Name: Martin Draper

Location: North West

Sector: Football

Budget: Under 10k

Social Links

Merseyside Football Club are looking for sponsorship as they aim to progress their new open age club in the 2024/25 season.


Merseyside Football Club (MFC) is a new open age football club, that we’re looking to bring to grassroots football in the 2024/25 season. Not only will we be focused on proving football opportunities to people who love the sport, but also being an inclusive, diverse group who will be an advocate for football for all ages and abilities. We want to promote healthy lifestyles in both physical and mental health and also as an open age team provide opportunities to youth players who may not have the abilities for senior level football, the chance to still play football and promote a more positive life choices.


Target Audience

Open age Under 18’s 16YO + up to veteran age 40+. Football fans, casual and wanting healthier wellbeing

Key Dates and Timings

June 2024 when league affiliation applications open.

Specific Opportunity Details

We are applying to join the Liverpool Old Boys League which was founded in 1922 by former players looking to continue football after their playing days. The LOBL has produced a number of talented footballers over the years, including former Liverpool players such as Jimmy Case, Ronnie Whelan, and Ian Rush. The league also has a strong tradition of producing referees, with several LOBL referees going on to officiate in the Football League and the FA Cup.

So the history of this league speaks for itself, it’s one of the most recognised, successful amateur football leagues across Liverpool.

However should the LOBL not be available there are an abundance of leagues for us to join such as West Cheshire League, Liverpool Premier League, Business Houses league and many more. Each with massive social media numbers and outreach.

Features and Benefits

What we can provide YOU is a large social media outreach, to all aspects of our social media accounts. As the main sponsor you would be front and centre on our football kit, and any posts made would include links and tags to your business/organisation. Depending on what league we join in the 24/25 season, we could travel across the North West which would provide your business with a further reputation outreach. Depending on what your business entails we can provide product sampling, with the players but also advertise your product on our websites and social media. Football is the largest sport in the world and most followed, so advertising even at an amateur level will provide outreach not available anywhere else.

Other Partners

We currently have no other brand on board as we want to focus on our primary sponsor who will be the main contributor, supporter and who we will focus on promoting primarily.


Your initial contribution would be a one time investment, as once kits have been obtained and the club has been running for a year it will be in a sustainable position to pay league fees and pitch hire itself. We can still then provide sponsorship for a smaller contribution.

Other Info

We are at early stages, we are beginning out social media outreach and the steps to gain affiliation to our leagues. With your help we can be ready for 2024/25 seasons