Mental Health Innovations Volunteer Event

Sponsor Name: Caroline Westley

Location: London

Sector: Not For Profit

Budget: 50k - 100k

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Mental Health Innovations are looking for sponsorship for their Volunteer Event.


Mental Health Innovations Volunteer Event – Shout 85258 was launched in 2019 by Mental Health Innovations, a charity established with seed funding from The Royal Foundation to develop innovative digital tools to support people struggling with their mental health. Shout is free, confidential and does not show up on phone bills. There is no need for any data usage, nor is there any registration process; anyone seeking support can just text 85258. Volunteers are at the heart of the service, with over 2,200 active Shout Volunteers regularly logging into a secure online platform and taking shifts from their homes. All volunteers receive 25 hours of comprehensive training. They are supported in real time on the Shout platform by our team of expert clinical supervisors. We would love to arrange an event for all Shout volunteers where we are able to bring the community together, with learning and development which will not only enhance their knowledge and expertise, but also enhance the success of the Shout service.


Target Audience

Up to 3000 Shout volunteers and staff. Age range from 18-80

Key Dates and Timings

1 day event in 2023

Specific Opportunity Details

Shout has trained over 8000 volunteers, with over 2500 of these actively volunteering on the Shout platform to take conversations from texters at a point of worry, distress and crisis. Shout has over 45,000 followers on
LinkedIn, over 65,000 followers on Instagram, and thousands of interactions per day through our website. Shout volunteers give us their time to help others, and we would like to say thank you by arranging a volunteer event which will support their continued learning and development for their future career paths. As a charity we are unable to align money to this, but would love to have a sponsor for the event to bring together the heart of the charity and see the impact we have.

Features and Benefits

Branding on all marketing assets including information on website, social media, and through media news articles.
Branding at the event.
Attendance from charity patrons with meet and greet for Sponsor.
Attendance at the event with space for presentations.

Other Partners

No other partners to date aside from charity patrons.


Cash investment of £50,000 along with potential venue