Menstrual Health Project

Sponsor Name: Gabriella Pearson

Location: UK National

Sector: Charities

Budget: Under 10k

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Menstrual Health project is looking for sponsorship to support their upcoming event as they aim to raise awareness and educate.


Menstrual Health Project is a UK charity created by two Endometriosis sufferers who between them have had over 20 surgeries and over 10 years each of first hand experience suffering and managing Endometriosis along with other chronic and long term health conditions.

Menstrual Health Project aims to give practical support to those suffering with menstrual health concerns & conditions. The purpose of the charity is to provide educational tools and resource to help people navigate more accurately and comfortably through whatever stage in life.

So far we have created two toolkits, our first toolkit was an Endometriosis Diagnostic Toolkit which was launched in February 2022. Our MHP team gathered all of the accurate information on Endometriosis from symptoms of Endometriosis, to helping those to try get a diagnosis, how to access the right medical advice & support. We also including a pain diary to track symptoms.

We have launched our second toolkit in February 2023, a Menstrual Health Toolkit named: Your Menstrual Health Toolkit – for under 18 year olds. Our aim with this toolkit is to have it accessible within in educational settings as part of their curriculum. We have included within the toolkit information on menstrual health/menstrual cycles, different period products, contraception, menstrual health conditions, infections & how to identify if your period is normal.

What are Menstrual Health Project’s objectives?
– Workshops & talks in educational settings such as schools, colleges & universities. – Development of creation & provision new toolkits & resources that will be available for everyone to access for free.
– Facilitating webinars & seminars on various topics relating to menstrual health.
– Working with employers to improve menstrual health in the workplace.
– To continue to provide online information about menstrual health & work on how to directly support & help those struggling with their menstrual health.


Key Dates and Timings

Sunday 12th July at Malmaison, Liverpool

Specific Opportunity Details

We are hosting our first charity event: “Afternoon Tea with MHP” at Malmaison Hotel in Liverpool on Sunday 9th July 12pm-4pm.

Tickets are currently on say for £42 pp which includes afternoon tea (which caters for all dietary and allergy requirements), a q&a with the founders, 3 quest speakers 1. A menstrual health coach, 2. A patient advocate and bladder health expert 3. A mindfulness and wellbeing coach. Along with a amazing raffle and free goody bag.

We are looking for sponsors who would like to support the event so we can donate tickets to those who can’t afford to come but also provide support for procuring and getting items/services for the event itself and help cover costs for various expenses for the event.

We are also hoping for sponsorship so we can get our toolkits and posters printed. Along with roller banners, other advertising necessities but also providing merchandise too. Which is all very costly for a new charity.

We would love partners to get involved as the event is to bring people together to connect with others who are in the same community to feel less alone, provide people with knowledge and tools from our speakers that they can utilise to help manage their health and wellbeing but also help a new charity raise awareness.

Features and Benefits

We would be able to ensure advertising for the sponsor, hospitality tickets to events, promotional opportunities


£500-£1k (cash investment) or promotional support