Manchester Roller Hockey Club

Sponsor Name: Damaras Gordon

Location: North West

Sector: Hockey

Budget: Under 10k

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Manchester Roller Hockey Club are looking for sponsors to support their travel expenses and funding of new equipment.


Manchester Roller Hockey Club – The club play a niche sport within the UK called Roller Hockey, not many people are aware of the sport and questions are always asked ‘is it like ice hockey’, the simple answer is no. Roller Hockey is played with a stick, ball and quad roller skates and is more main stream in Spain, Portugal, France and Argentina.

Our club are based at Ardwick Sports Hall in Manchester and have been operating since around the 1960’s and has created many lasting memories in and around the sports. In recent years the club has seen a lot of its players boys and girls between the ages on 8 – 16 attend the monthly England training (known as National Training) and have had to opportunity to travel to Spain and Portugal in order to take part in training and matches abroad. Also in recent years the club has seen success with our teams taking part and winning regional and national competitions.

Unfortunately, Roller Hockey is expensive and not all of the families on our team can afford the cost. We ask for sponsorship to help subsidise the cost of new equipment and kit for players who can’t afford to play and travel expenses. All information can be found via our Facebook page at Manchester Roller Hockey Club.


Target Audience

Our target audience is any and everyone really but the main focus is on girls and boys between the ages of 6 - 12 as this ensures a future for the club as the existing members get older and may or may not stick to the sport depending on their choices after high school where they then take on further education and may start to get part time jobs.

Key Dates and Timings

A typical season runs between September - July where our multiple age group teams take part in regional and national competitions but in the league and cup. There are multiple dates throughout the season and matches are held around different sports venues around the country. For the upcoming 2023 -24 season we are wanting our players to feel more of a team on and off the rink so we are hoping to obtain a new training and match kit which can last for the next 2 - 3 seasons (depending on availability of the kit).

Specific Opportunity Details

The club get invited to yearly tournaments held by different clubs in Spain, France and Germany which range from our youngest under 11's team up to our seniors team. Looking at our Facebook page we currently have 2,704 followers and the more events and tournaments we can attend the more we can post about these activities that will hopefully increase the amount of kids getting involved in the sport where there are opportunities to learn a new sport, meet new people and travel the world at the same time. Within the roller hockey world the club is well known due to the past and present players plus the vast amount of achievements over the years. I feel a partner should get involved as it will give them a great opportunity to see and be part of this special and unique sport and takes them away from the mainstream more publicised and more funded sports.

Features and Benefits

Sponsoring our team is not only a great way to get involved with the community; it’s also an amazing form of marketing for your business. Our club has around 50 members playing the sport, and we will play against teams all over the UK this year. That means your business will have branding in front of hundreds of people. With that type of exposure, everyone will remember that a business has supported us. Along side this a sponsor will be given the opportunity to attend any match of their choosing throughout the season to watch the players in action.

Other Partners

We don't currently have any brands on board


We are looking for around £7000 and this will ensure each member of the team has a full training and match kit for the upcoming season.

Other Info

Please have a look at our recent achievements on our Facebook book page and come on board to help the club and its members create life long memories