Maddison Lilly Spampanato

Sponsor Name: Lianne Spampanato

Location: South West

Sector: Rugby Union

Budget: Under 10k

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Maddison Lilly Spampanato is seeking sponsorship to support finances after receiving an opportunity to play for Exeter College.


Maddison Lilly Spampanato has been given the amazing opportunity to play for Exeter college while studying a course in sport science. She has worked tirelessly to gain a place in Exeter Academy and also the Centre of Excellence. Maddison never sees a barrier only a challenge and has consistently and tirelessly trained to become the best version of herself. Maddison will need to travel for over 2 hours a day to attend the college and training and we would love for her to take this stress away and be able to board at the college but with this costing around £8,000 we are looking to find someone who is willing to invest in a strong, independent, hardworking young lady that we hope to see represent the country one day!


Target Audience

Sport, empowering women, young females, rugby.

Key Dates and Timings

Maddison will attend in September 2023. This will cover her first year and allow us to save for her second.

Specific Opportunity Details

Maddison has already achieved so much for example being selected to go to Twickenham to be celebrated in a campaign for young female referees #seeitbeitrefit you will see her on the social media campaign. She also recently attended the RFU event Everest where she met Sarah Hunter, Stacey Copeland and so many more. Maddison gives so much to the sport and also coaches under 9's in her own time. All she needs is for someone to believe in her and give some support. If you choose to sponsor Maddison I have no doubt in my mind you will receive 10 times your investment in hard work, determination and gratitude.

Maddison will undoubtable follow in the footsteps of others like Stacy Copeland and go on to empower and campaign for women in sport and the sporting industry as she strongly believes in this.

Features and Benefits

You will feature on the college website as the sponsor and all our social media posts.
Tickets to games, constant updates and the knowledge that you have made the dreams of a dedicated young female rugby player have no limits.