Lower Hopton AFC

Sponsor Name: Declan Parnell

Location: West Yorkshire

Sector: Football

Budget: Under 10k

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Lower Hopton AFC are a local community football club which has had many successes and they are now looking for sponsors.


Lower Hopton AFC is a football club based in the village of Lower Hopton, located in West Yorkshire, England. The club was formed over 100 years ago and has since become an integral part of the local football community.

Lower Hopton AFC began its journey as a grassroots club, providing an avenue for football enthusiasts in the area to come together and showcase their skills on the pitch. The club initially competed in local leagues and gradually gained recognition for its dedication and passion for the sport.

Throughout its history, Lower Hopton AFC has enjoyed periods of success, often achieving commendable performances in various leagues and cup competitions. The club’s commitment to nurturing talent and fostering a strong team spirit has been evident in its on-field performances.

Over the years, Lower Hopton AFC has become known for its supportive fan base, who turn out in numbers to cheer on the team during matches. The club’s presence has not only united the local community but has also contributed to the development of football at the grassroots level.

In recent times, Lower Hopton AFC underwent a significant development in its journey when it merged with Hanging Heaton FC. This merger brought together the strengths and resources of both clubs, aiming to create a more formidable entity capable of achieving greater success and elevating the standard of football in the region.

The merge with Hanging Heaton FC marked a new chapter in the history of Lower Hopton AFC, providing an opportunity for the club to build upon its legacy and make strides towards reaching new heights in the footballing world.

As Lower Hopton AFC continues to grow and evolve, it remains committed to its core values of community, teamwork, and excellence. The club’s rich history and the recent merge with Hanging Heaton FC have set the stage for an exciting future, where the team strives to achieve even greater accomplishments and leave a lasting impact on the local football scene.

In addition to its rich history and recent merger, Lower Hopton AFC has also embraced the digital age and now boasts a robust and influential media presence. Recognizing the power of modern communication platforms, the club has actively embraced various forms of media to engage with its fan base and extend its reach beyond the local community.

Lower Hopton AFC has established a strong online presence through its official social media channels. These platforms serve as hubs for the latest news, updates, and announcements about the club. Fans can easily stay connected and informed about team activities, upcoming matches, player signings, and community initiatives.

The club’s social media accounts are vibrant and interactive, providing a space for supporters to engage in discussions, share their views, and express their passion for Lower Hopton AFC. Through regular posts, photos, videos, and live updates, the club ensures that fans are always connected and involved in the journey of the team.

Lower Hopton AFC also leverages the power of video content to enhance its media presence. The club produces and shares match highlights. These videos not only entertain and inform the fan base but also attract a wider audience, helping to raise the club’s profile and generate interest from football enthusiasts outside the local area.

By embracing a strong media presence, Lower Hopton AFC has successfully modernized its approach to communication and fan engagement. The club’s digital platforms, including its social media accounts, and video content, have allowed it to connect with supporters on a broader scale, attract new fans, and increase its visibility in the footballing world.

As Lower Hopton AFC continues to move with the times, it remains dedicated to utilizing various media channels to foster a thriving online community, celebrate its successes, and share its passion for football with fans far and wide.


Target Audience

All age ranges, into Football and/or other sports.

Key Dates and Timings

1st July 2024 - 4th May 2024

Pre-season up until the end of the season.

Specific Opportunity Details

Facebook: 610 Followers
Twitter: 632 Followers
Instagram: 498 Followers

Address: Lower Hopton Football Club. Woodend Road
WF14 8PR

Ultimately, sponsoring Lower Hopton AFC offers an opportunity to support a local football club with a rich history, strong community ties, and a growing media presence. It allows your brand to connect with passionate fans, increase brand visibility, and demonstrate your commitment to grassroots sports and community development.

Features and Benefits

As part of the sponsorship, you would have your logo on the kit/training kit. front and centre of it, this would be seen by the followers on our social media following. It would also be seen at games, and before games during our warm ups. Also out and about, as the players sometimes wear the training gear outside of football.

Other Partners


As the team is a part of the merge, there is no current sponsors, so we are looking for this from scratch.


£1000 - £2000