Louie Hopkins European Road trip

Sponsor Name: Louie Hopkins

Location: Europe


Budget: Under 10k

Social Links

Im a 22 yr old with big dreams and my YouTube series has big potential I’m going to be driving 13,000 miles around the whole of Europe and this requires a lot of funding which exactly the way people use to fund the grand tour in Europe I think this has huge potential on YouTube and is an absolute dream of mine to complete. It will take place through 26 different countries and will showcase there cultures and national identities.

Target Audience

Male 16-50, travel and sports car fans, our fans will be people who love cars and understand there is more to driving then just getting from A - B

Key Dates and Timings

The trip starts on the 17th June 2024 and will last until early August when the trip is completed.

Specific Opportunity Details

This opportunity is pretty simple for payment you will have your logo placed on the car for the duration of this epic trip. Now I don't have many followers but my older brother has 150,000 subscribers and will promote the trip so I believe it will perform well on YouTube. The reason why I think companies should get involved is because as well as the potential benefits from YouTube and instagram viewership they also will have helped fund something that has very rarely been done before in fact I don't think this ever has been completed before so any potential sponsors will be a part of history.

Features and Benefits

The benefits the sponsors will get is advertising on the side or front of the car fro the duration of the trip and promotion on instagram, TikTok and YouTube.


I am looking for just £100 per sponsor and this is a cash investment for advertising of the brand.