Liverpool Hope Netball Team

Sponsor Name: Jemma Stevens

Location: North West

Sector: Womens Sport

Budget: Under 10k

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Liverpool Hope Netball Team are looking for a sponsor to become their headline partner.


I am writing to you on behalf of the Liverpool Hope Netball team. We are currently looking for a suitable company to become our headline partner, who would be proud to support us and we would be proud to represent. Presently, we do not have the funding to afford a coach and therefore have been severely hampered in our progress as a team. Although an unqualified student myself, I am attempting to coach the team. This has proved difficult and has also limited my progress.

We are an extremely passionate team with high-quality players from all over Great Britain, many of whom have played previously at a regional or national level. Your partnership would be game-changing for us. It would give us the best chance of success in the new season while providing us with the opportunity to grow and develop as athletes.


Target Audience

The female student athletes within the team- aged 18+ , all passionate, of a high level and dedicated to netball. As well as future students who might be interested in netball.

Key Dates and Timings

For the 2023/4 season, starting from October 2023-June 2024

Specific Opportunity Details

We have two teams who train twice a week at the Hope Park campus, and compete in two Northern Tier leagues on a Wednesday. This involves both home and away matches, visiting other universities across the north west.
This season (2022/3) the First team have managed to finish 4th in the league, This is a big success for us, considering all other teams have paid for professional coaches and more training sessions. We are excited to prove what we could achieve with some support.

Features and Benefits

There are several incentives we can offer in return for your financial support. Firstly, our netball dresses are a great way we can proudly advertise your logo, with weekly team photos being posted on our public Liverpool Hope Netball Instagram and Facebook sites. We are a growing profile, with over 500 followers on our public profile. We also have our Liverpool Hope SU and UK instagram and Facebook site, which currently has a following over 10K across the two sites, which we can arrange regular posting in support of us and your sponsorship with us. At the start of the academic year, we have a stool at the highly attended Freshers Fair, with over 2000 people attending. We would have the opportunity to have banners, posters, or any other form of promotion you would like spread across the stool, where your brand and message can be shared with the wider population of students. There are further branding opportunities available in terms of branded kit and ball bags, protection around our netball hoops, and banners up during matches, which are consistently live streamed and open for the general public to spectate.

Other Partners

We also have the charity sponsor ‘The Harry Bennett Foundation’ which we fundraise for and have a current sponsorship with Stonegate pubs which we receive commission on for attending their venues.


This will be financial support for a full time coach, equipment and expenses (umpires/coaches) as well as for any branded advertisement or kit that you do wish to include for us to proudly display your company. This top tier would require a base investment of £3500 per year, with a minimum of a two year contract.

Other Info

Your funding would make a huge difference for the girls. We are consistently trying to make women’s sport seem appealing and we believe being able to invest in netball through gaining a coach and smarter kit would really help boost participation and quality. I would love to hear your thoughts and hope to be able to come to an arrangement which suits both of us. I look forward to hopefully starting a strong relationship with you and will wait for your reply.