Little Sunshine’s Playgroup

Sponsor Name: Jessica Nixon

Location: South East

Sector: Education

Budget: Budget Varies

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Little Sunshine’s Playgroup are looking for sponsorship to support them as they aim to become a play centre.


Little Sunshine’s Playgroup – Hi, my name is Jessica, I’m raising funds to transform ‘Little Sunshines Playgroup’ into Worthing’s first play centre.

I started ‘Little Sunshines Playgroup’ after having our second child, it was during Covid and I noticed there was nothing for families to do. Nursery fees are high, causing a barrier for families to access an educational, social and stimulating environment.

After years of working in nurseries, I decided to start my own group which has been running for nearly 2 years now and provided so many families with a safe, friendly and supportive space to come, relax, learn, play and connect with other families.

I’m very proud of how far little Sunshine’s playgroup has come and I believe it is ready for its next big step.

I want to transform ‘Little Sunshine’s Playgroup’ into Worthing’s first play centre, the home of play, a safe and friendly place families can come to anytime and there will always be something for them to do, a cafe and play area with a free-flow garden, soft play and sensory rooms, rooms for other play groups to hire out offering something to do always, parties, communal garden space for growing fruits, vegetables and more teaching children how to care for our planet and offering families a food, clothing and baby bank, offering as much support to families as possible, making life a little more affordable and supporting one another as a growing community raising the next generation up together.


Target Audience


Key Dates and Timings

I would like to get this up and running before the new year 2024.

Specific Opportunity Details

Little Sunshine’s Playcentre would be the first of its kind within Worthing West Sussex, there is nothing like what I vision it to be.

Features and Benefits

Advertising, promotional opportunities, branding

Other Partners

Little Sunshine’s Playgroup is yet to have its first sponsor.


With a cash investment we can start to look at the perfect venue.