Liam Forrest

Sponsor Name: Liam Forrest

Location: South East

Sector: Boxing

Budget: 10k - 50k

Social Links

Liam Forrest is looking for sponsorship to support funding as he progresses his boxing career.


Liam Forrest – I have been offered an incredible opportunity that comes to few boxers in my position, and that is to train with world-class professional boxers at the ‘Fighting Fit Gym’ in Southampton, one of the leading boxing gyms in the country. The gym is well connected with the professional boxing world.

Only boxers with the greatest potential are invited to take this opportunity. This is the best chance I have of progressing my career as an amateur boxer to become a professional. I am looking to put in a monthly price that will help me train and prepare in camps. This money will cover travel expenses, training sessions, diet, strength and conditioning sessions and physio therapy (incase of injury).

This will make a massive impact on my boxing career. There are a number of expenses, such as equipment, travel to training, living expenses to permit me to focus full-time on training and honing my boxing skills.


Target Audience

Male/Female ages 10-60/70, that are into boxing.

Key Dates and Timings

I either need a sponsor to agree to my monthly package deals and decide how much they'd like to invest or be willing to provide sponsorship money for each training camp.

Specific Opportunity Details

As I turn professional I need the sport from Sponsors as well as my fan base that has grown with me since I was an amateur. As I grow as a boxer my social media following grows with me. I currently have 12.2k followers on my instagram (@forrestboxing) and I have 30.7k followers on TikTok (@forrestboxing).

Features and Benefits

You will be associated with a very hard-working, motivated, passionate, champion boxer with a very good social media reach with potential to win professional fights.
Promotion and advertisement for your company/business using my social media platforms.
You will also be funding towards my passion to work with and train with under-privileged children and teenagers to teach them how to box.
You can receive tax relief on sponsorship money so you can claim the money you give you decide to provide with the sponsorship.

Other Partners

I currently only have one main sponsor - 'Little Gem Jewellers'.


I am looking for monthly instalments or a fixed price for each camp. Im also looking for promotional support.

Other Info

I began boxing out of Brighton where I joined MouIsecoombe ABC. I won the southern counties multiple times and won 2 silver medals in one of Europe’s largest boxing tournaments. I then moved to Repton BC in East London where I won the London championships to become one of the top competitive athletes at my weight category in the south of England. I am also a two times finalist in Englands elite ABA championships.