Lewis Aldrich

Sponsor Name: Andrew Aldrich

Location: South West

Sector: Sports

Budget: Under 10k

Social Links

Lewis Aldrich is looking for sponsorship as a competitive pool player.


Lewis Aldrich is a pool player who since 2022 has been competing for both the Bristol County Youth team and England Under 18s as well as playing for two local Bristol teams in the Yate League and Bristol Pool League.


Target Audience

Mainly pool and sports fans in Bristol communities and across the UK. At all levels there is a regular attendance of parents and supporters too.

Key Dates and Timings

As well as ongoing county home and away games and regular training sessions, theses are just some of the upcoming tournaments:

Supreme Sports Lounge handicap tournament - Bristol - Sunday 30th April
Cuetopia U18s blackball tour - Swindon - TBA
Supreme Sports Lounge U18s Competition - Bristol - Sunday 28th May
English Pool Association Junior Singles series - Cue Sports, Wellingborough - Saturday 5th August
English Pool Association Junior Singles series - Grand Final, Club 147, Leicester - Saturday 7th October

European Blackball Association European Championships - Qawra, Malta - 1st-8th November

Lewis also continues to play at local level in the Bristol Pool League and Yate league.

Specific Opportunity Details

Since early 2022, Lewis has been representing Bristol County Juniors at various locations across the UK having played at local level since the age of eleven. He was recently accepted into the England Under 18s side and represented his country for the first time in the 2023 EBA Nations Cup at Bridlington, Yorkshire with their all new B1 team finishing runners-up in an all-England B section final. He will be competing again for England in November at the European Championships in Malta and continues to represent Bristol at county level in team, individual and doubles events.

Features and Benefits

Lewis will display sponsors logos on his county and national kits where allowed when playing as well as at his practice sessions. We would also be open to any other ways we could help with product endorsement/exposure including on social media.

Other Partners

Supreme Sports Lounge, Bristol


We are looking to raise money to cover food, travel and accommodation and this has become quite expensive, quite quickly in the past year. Anything towards these costs would be greatly appreciated.

Other Info

We are currently working on expanding Lewis social media presence and setting up a blog/website.