Leeds Warriors Ice Hockey Club

Sponsor Name: Chris Giles

Location: West Yorkshire

Sector: Ice Hockey

Budget: Under 10k

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Leeds Warriors Ice Hockey Club are seeking sponsorship to support the expenses of running the club.


Leeds Warriors are an EIHA registered recreational ice hockey team and we are looking for club sponsorship. Our website has had over 43,000 views since May 2021, our social media pages have 1800 followers and our YouTube channel has reached over 1500 people.


Target Audience

Ice hockey appeals to a wide range of ages, from children to the elderly. But probably most specifically to the 10-40 year old market. The market demographic could include music and sports lovers who enjoy socialising.

Key Dates and Timings

Per calendar year or season. Rolling sponsorship unless notified otherwise.

Specific Opportunity Details

We play in northern leagues meaning our exposure goes beyond Leeds and West Yorkshire. We post game reports and posters to social media which would include any sponsors logo and information. We would like to have a sponsors logo on our player's shorts for maximum brand exposure.

Features and Benefits

- We would add a patch to each players shorts with the sponsors logo. We have over 70 players across 3 teams.
- We would include the logo and reference to the sponsor on each game preview poster.
- We would also reference the sponsor in each of our game reports.
- We are open to the idea of having the sponsors logo on the player's helmets.
- We would promote the sponsors business through social media periodically,


£800 per calendar year/season to help with the running of the club and our expenses.