Leeds Baroque Choir and Orchestra

Sponsor Name: Jillian Johnson

Location: West Yorkshire

Sector: Charities

Budget: Under 10k

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Leeds Baroque Choir and Orchestra are looking for sponsorship to support the funding of their choir and orchestra.


About Leeds Baroque Choir and Orchestra:
Leeds Baroque ( a registered Charity No 1116610) is a Leeds-based ‘period instrument’ orchestra and choir specialising in music of the 17th and 18th centuries played according to historical principles and founded in 2000. We are unique in the region, providing opportunities for a mix of established professional performers, conservatoire graduates and talented amateurs to work together. Our performances offer a social and educational resource for players and audience alike. We are largely un-funded, apart from the support of a small, but dedicated ‘Friends’ organisation.

About our repertoire:
Our concert programmes feature choral and orchestra music with a mix of familiar composers (Handel, Vivaldi, Purcell and others) and some less well known today – but at the forefront of musical development in their time. The Orchestra is smaller than the modern symphony orchestra (about 30 players) creating a very engaging experience for the audience. We provide interesting programme booklets for all our concerts with short essays providing a context for the works performed, written by our musical director Peter Holman a noted authority on music of the period. A selection of these have been published to mark our 20th anniversary (ISBN 978-1-912271-39-9). Members of the orchestra play historical instruments (or modern copies) providing the audience with a fascinating aural and visual experience.

Since our foundation in 2000 Leeds Baroque has:
• Enhanced the cultural offering, raising the City’s profile in the Arts by bringing exciting and innovative live music at an affordable price to the community.
• Encouraged access to live music for young people with free concert tickets.
• Supported the next generation of performers (singers and instrumentalists) with free practical training and paid performance opportunities
• Works with other organisations to provide free tickets to disadvantaged groups through “Tickets for Good”

All this is achieved by a voluntary management board who receive no remuneration but share an enthusiasm for 17th& 18th century repertoire, feel it is underrated, particularly outside London, and should be more generally available in live performance in our region; for the enjoyment of our audience and to provide career opportunities for the next generation of musicians. Public recognition of our achievements came with the award of the MBE to the musical director and administrator for their services to music.

Live music in general is shown to enhance wellbeing, providing not only social benefits but economic benefits to the region also. Clinical research has shown that engaging with live music whether as an audience member or a participant, enhances mood, lifts depression and, as a shared experience of community cohesion, generates a general sense of wellbeing. Research also shows that these effects are particularly beneficial in times of hardship. To quote the Public Campaign for the Arts “In these difficult times, we need our artists and arts organisations”
How might you help Leeds Baroque.

The greater part of our income is generated from ticket sales. If we are to maintain the high standards of performance and scholarship that have contributed to our success since our foundation, we will need external support. Although figures from the DCMS quarterly report (Nov 2022) on post-pandemic audience numbers (a combination of “covid caution” and the current financial down-turn generally) show that audiences are returning to theatre and music venues more slowly than other Art forms, Leeds Baroque has seen a modest but steady increase in audience numbers. However rising costs of venue hire, for both performance and rehearsal still pose a major financial challenge if we wish to maintain (and exceed) our current levels of excellence and audience engagement.

Target Audience

Our target audience - anyone of almost any age, who enjoys music.

Key Dates and Timings

Our programme is on going with 4 performances per year For 2023 12 March, 14th May, 9th July, 29th October. These dates involve a weekend of rehearsal and performance.

Specific Opportunity Details

Leeds Baroque has an excellent performance reputation (Leeds Baroque was recently described by Dame Evelyn Gennie as ‘a national treasure’) a loyal city audience base and an expanding online following. Our audience base is largely a 'classical music audience' but we are working on recruiting a younger audience with performances outside the standard concert hall, We have recently appeared, with great success (a full house) at The Old Woollen, a venue generaly devoted to Gig culture and stand up comedy.

Whilst this is a small organisation, we have over 20 years with a voluntary staff developed West Yorkshire's only professional standard period instrument orchestra.. It is in times of crisis, personal and National, that people need the all the Arts and live music in particular. These times are now. Your support of this important projectwill maintain an underrepresented, but important, musical genre to the region and provide its residents with an opportunity to share our love of music and all the benefits live performance can bring.

Features and Benefits

We can provide advertising opportunities in our concert programmes, acknowledgement on printed and online promotions and a limited number of complementary tickets for your clients.

Other Partners

Regretably None!


We would like to find partners who could provide ongoing support for 3-5 years both financial (in the region of £3,000pa)