KXT Company

Sponsor Name: Katy Smith

Location: North West

Sector: Arts

Budget: 10k - 50k

Social Links

KXT Company are looking for sponsorship to help them throughout their performance journey.


KXT Company are a Dance Company who perform around the UK and create videos for social media platforms. Our KXT Company ranges from age 9 to 19 and we are currently looking for a sponsor. We can offer for your logo will be printed on tracksuits and be viewable to loads of people we encounter along our performance journey.


Target Audience

Into music, sports, the arts, clothing.
Age range mainly between Teenagers to 30’s male and female

Key Dates and Timings

April 12th and 13th is our main event. However we want to look for a sponsor for a few of our events if not one..

Specific Opportunity Details

We have an event we have asked to perform at coming up in London called Dancers Delight which is Under 18’s showcasing there dance talent on a big platform. We are from Manchester so we get to travel all around the UK doing what we love.

A potential sponsor would want to get involved as we are growing company with more and more opportunities coming each day, a great way not only to support us but we represent your brand and promote on our way.

Features and Benefits

Branding on the back of our sponsor tracksuits, tags in social media handles and included in posts. We would dance at events if needed. Tickets to our shows.


We are up for negotiation depending on what they would include in the sponsor deal.