Kitefoil – Olympics 2024

Sponsor Name: Nigel Smith

Location: Global

Sector: Water Sports

Budget: Budget Varies

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Katka Salandova is looking for sponsorship as she has a vision to compete in the 2024 Olympics.


Kitefoil – Olympics 2024: I represent TEN10 Sport and on behalf of my client Katka Salandova who’s vision is to compete in the 2024 Olympics to be the world champion in kitefoil freestyle and to use that platform to empower others to be their best selves, unleash hidden potential and reach their peak performance effectively, while staying within healthy boundaries.


Target Audience

Demographic - 18 - 35 Male/Female, Freedom lifestyle, Travel & Music, Surf

Key Dates and Timings

All relevant world series championships including Olympic qualifiers (9 in 2023, at least 2 on 2024) ultimately leading to Paris 2024 in July 2024. (anticipate Czech national association will take over Olympic event costs).

Specific Opportunity Details

Exclusive Media material from training and competitions
Promotion of your products, which help me reach peak performance with help of your devices
(Mentally - HRV and strategically - GPS)
Present your logo on my equipment
Unique Podcast or Blog content on mental health, peak performance and fears
Collaboration on a revolutionary approach to peak performance training

Features and Benefits

Excellent opportunity to promote your performance technology or raise the profile of your brand or company at a premium world event, featuring prominently in my journey to Paris 2024. Debutant event so excellent profile.

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Estimate £50k

Other Info

Travel and accommodation to worldwide competitions, support with coaching costs, logistics & equipment