Kirsty Mochrie Codriver

Sponsor Name: Kirsty Mochrie

Location: Scotland

Sector: Motor Sport

Budget: Under 10k

Social Links

Kirsty Mochrie is looking for sponsorship to support the full season ahead as a codriver.


Kirsty Mochrie – I am a young rally codriver seeking sponsorship to continue this season. In 2021 I won the strc rally championship and last year came second Junior. I usually sit in a river metro but this year I will also be sitting in a bmw e36 compact. To do the full season with my driver I need some support.


Target Audience

Any gender between 14-80 who are into motorsports and cars.

Key Dates and Timings

My season starts on the 19th of febuary with hopefully over 14 events planned over the season.

Specific Opportunity Details

If you are interested in sponsoring me you will get your logo on my helmet, on our team wear and plenty social media posts. On instagram I have over 1000 followers on my main page where most of my posts will be put, on Facebook we have over 600 followers and over 1,500 friends. I also post on my TikTok page that has 1,400 followers. If you sponsored me you would be helping getting more women into motorsport as that is what I try to aim for and you will also be getting potential customers.

Features and Benefits

Logos on helmet, car and team wear, regular social media posts. Any events we are doing you are more than welcome to come along and see what it’s like and get the inside of a rally team

Other Partners

We currently only support it ourselves.


Every little helps so it can be anything.