King’s College Hockey Club

Sponsor Name: Brijesh Yash Jiwa

Location: London

Sector: Hockey

Budget: Under 10k

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King’s College Hockey Club are looking for sponsorship to support the funding for their men’s and women’s teams.


King’s College Hockey Club are a university hockey club seeking a potential sponsorship for the academic year of 2023/24. We are a strong and committed club, with four women’s teams and three men’s teams. All four of the women’s teams participate in the BUCS South Prem, South Eastern Tier 3, South Eastern Tier 4 and South Eastern Tier 5. Our first team is the most highly-ranked university hockey team in London and will once again be striving for a promotion to a higher tier.  The men’s teams participate in BUCS South Eastern Tier 3, and South Eastern Tier 4, and with a new addition of a men’s 3s team, we will also be involved in South Eastern Tier 5. Alongside our separate men’s and women’s teams, we play weekly LUSL mixed games, with our mixed team being the 7-time champions of the league!

By sponsoring our club, we will use the money given to our advantage, by using it to buy new equipment, kit, and so forth and in return, we promote your company, events and ideals, whatever that might be.


Target Audience

Companies with a background in sponsoring sports clubs.

Key Dates and Timings

For the entire academic year 2023-24, including two seasons of Hockey.

Specific Opportunity Details

We are the main hockey club for King’s College London, with our women’s and men’s first team being the most highly ranked hockey teams in London. Club has over 90 women’s members and 60 men’s members. We hope in this coming season we will have more member’s, especially within the men’s club from the new addition of our 3s team. Our social media presence is very strong over Instagram, Facebook and TikTok, with over 1100 followers, including other UK hockey clubs, hockey companies and our previous sponsors.

Features and Benefits

By sponsoring our club, we will be able to promote your company on our social media accounts, while also representing the company in every match, by having the company name printed on our hockey kit.

Other Partners

Currently we are looking for new brands to invest in our club for this coming academic year. In the past we have had Sweatshirt, Husky Hockey’s, Spora Explorer’s and many others.


We are currently looking for a promotional supporting company to invest in our club with £10k to fund both the women’s and men’s club. This will fund our entire season’s expenses, and day-to-day payments from pitch hire, to coaching staff, event hire and equipment.